This Bengaluru Woman Has Written 700+ Exams For Differently-Abled, Conferred With Presidential Naari Shakti Award

Some stories are to be read and forgotten. But some life lessons are to be learned and taken inspiration from so that we can make society a better place for everyone. And the story of NM Pushpa Preeya is an inspiration for every one of us who have the potential to come forward and help in their own unique and different ways.

Irrespective of age whether it is a six-year-old child or a 60-year old person, Pushpa has scribed for all types of people from different age groups. 


Pushpa Preeya Conferred Nari Shakti Puraskar

Pushpa Preeya was recently conferred with the Nari Shakti Puraskar this year for her outstanding work as a scribe. Over the last decade, she has helped hundreds of differently-abled people to give exams.

The girl from Bengaluru has served as a scribe for 681 exams for differently-abled people as well as for students with Down Syndrome and Cerebral palsy.

While speaking to MetroSaga, Pushpa said that she does not charge the students a single penny for their service. She only expects them to pay in the case the distance to the exam center is too far off and that is really very rare.


pushpa nari shakti

Understanding The Importance of Nature’s Gifts

It is indeed a privilege for every one of us that we can see and speak properly. But it also means that it is our responsibility to use these gifts for those who are lacking such benefits.

From writing exams for graduation and post-graduation students to even for competitive exams for banking and postal jobs, Pushpa Preeya has written all types of exams for visually impaired and differently abled students.     

pushpa nari shakti

The first assignment as a scribe came to her accidentally when her friend who runs an NGO could not find anybody for writing the exam at the last moment. The experience gave Pushpa motivation to keep on serving such desirous students who want to overcome the hurdles and move ahead in life.


Pushpa understands the importance of education and giving examination because she had to drop from the exam in the seventh standard as her father was not keeping well.

Its Tough Task For The IT Professional To Balance Work And Scribe  

Pushpa is an IT professional and at times it is really tough for her to balance between the work and scribe for the students. She has to take special permission from her office when the exams are during office hours. To ensure that her employers do not lose on productivity she works extra hours to cover up her absence.  

Over the years, Pushpa has worked with lots of NGO’s and groups of which prominent ones include the team of Amruta Bindu, Navachetana Charitable Trust, Snehadeep, Deepa Academy and more.  


pushpa nari shakti

Just Contributing Money Is Not Enough Always – Says Pushpa

Pushpa Priya is a part of a WhatsApp group of volunteers who help differently-abled students give exams. Students who are unable to write exams due to recent accident or illness are also offered help by these volunteers.

While discussing her innermost feelings with MetroSaga, Pusha said, “Just contributing money is not always enough. You should also come forward to physically help people in need. With more than 15 million people in India requiring the assistance of Scribe, the number of people available for help is very low.“

The inspiring young lady has urged people to come forward and offer their help so that the aspiring students can fulfill their dreams and contribute to our society in their unique way. If any of you are interested in joining the group of Pushpa Preeya and serve as a scribe do contact her on [email protected]