Desperate For A Solution, Bengaluru Police Now Turn Towards Residents For Solving Traffic Jam Issues

Bengaluru City Traffic Police

Bengaluru and traffic jams are nothing new. Rather complaints regarding traffic in the IT city is a hot topic for discussion with each one of the resident sharing his/her experience either at the workplace or among family members.

But now it seems even those who are charged with managing the traffic are frustrated with the chaos the growing traffic is bringing to transition in the city.

Desperate to find a solution for traffic jams, the Bengaluru City Traffic Police has now asked the residents to come up with a solution to solve the miserable traffic situation.

Lack Of Traffic Management Making City Life Miserable

In a surprising move, the Bengaluru City Traffic Police decided to take the help of the residents in assessing the miserable traffic situation in the city to come up with solutions. The traffic advisory committee was formed in Bengaluru almost 25 years ago. But until now it has been active only on paper leading to lapses in traffic management.

Things seem to be turning a new leaf as the Traffic Police in the city have decided to introduce a traffic advisory committee. This particular committee will have a presence across 44 traffic police stations in Bengaluru. Interestingly, residents will be made a part of this committee who will also see to it that the traffic rules and regulations are enforced properly.

Lower Traffic speeds are one of the major issues that Bengaluru faces. The traffic advisory committee will see to it that all such traffic-related issues are addressed with help from the permanent residents who will be a part of the team. These people will offer their solutions for solving the concerned traffic problems.

Anyone Can Become A Part Of Committee  

According to P Harishekaran, Bengaluru Traffic Police Commissioner, “From an auto driver to a cab driver to software engineer to an activist. Whoever has the ability to identify traffic-related problems and offer suggestions to solve these issues will be part of this committee. These committees will also work with officials. One journalist from each locality will be a part of the committee.”

Just as the police have their duty towards managing crime and city traffic, similarly it is the responsibility of every citizen to notify the concerned department about the problems. Sadly, there is barely any presence of residents during the public grievance meetings that are held on third Saturday of every month, says Police officials.

A police official said, “If more people become aware of these meetings, with more participation, we will be able to pick members of the committee by narrowing down on regulars. Whatever problems are brought to the committee’s notice will be passed on to necessary authorities like the BBMP, BWSSB, etc.”

Will This New Move Prove Effective?

The formation of the committee in a way can show positive results only when both the officials and residents of Bengaluru co-operate and work in collaboration. Even then there are a few who feel that it may not derive the intended results. According to MN Sreehari, a traffic management expert, this proposal is just an eyewash to convince the residents that the local traffic police is taking steps to solve the problem.

He further added, “This committee has no powers. BBMP builds roads, BDA plans various layouts. BWSSB dig up roads at its own will. However, traffic police permission is required for carrying out road works. This permission is given by the Traffic Commissioner. What is the point of these committees? It is an eyewash. People will come and lament and no action will be taken. What were they doing for 25 years?”

But a professor at IISc, Ashish Verma has an entirely different perspective. He says that the impact of this advisory committee can be judged only after it starts operating. Importantly, Verma believes that the committee will be helpful in identifying the area fighting with maximum congestion problems which can be a big help.