Bengaluru Man Stops Woman in Shorts Dress, Orders Her to ‘Follow Indian Rules’

source: twitter

A woman in Bengaluru riding with her boyfriend was allegedly stopped and questioned the moral rules of the society. The woman appeared to be dressed in a short dress which resulted in this incident in Bengaluru.

Moral policing in India

This incident occurred on Thursday at 10 pm at HSR layout. The 28-year-old techie from Mumbai was targeted by an unknown man, who began advising her that she must “wear decent clothes”.


A video of the incident was captured on a mobile phone and has been doing rounds on the internet. In a 2 minutes clip, the unknown man can be seen commenting on the woman’s clothes, telling her to “follow Indian rules” and even yelling at her for not wearing “proper clothes.”

source: twitter

The girl’s boyfriend, who had been recording the entire incident on his phone, was heard explaining the man. “I know the Constitution. Do you know the Constitution? Are you educated? Where do you work? We have the liberty to wear whatever we want. Who are you to speak?”.

The story behind the incident

“I heard someone screaming. I was riding with my boyfriend and I looked at my right side. There was a man on a two-wheeler, who started yelling at me and said, ‘Don’t you own any clothes at home?’ When I asked him what his query is, he began yelling at me again, saying that Indian women must not wear ‘such’ clothes. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I don’t understand what the problem is.” the woman told.


The man later recognized that he was being filmed by the boyfriend, it was then he lowered his voice and tried to be respectful. But still, the man kept on questioning and asked her to change her attire.

“Maybe he expected us to be scared. I further warned him that I would go to the police. That’s when he got back on his bike and left,” she added.

“Indeed, the police have the same mindset. If I went to them, they would reasonably ask me to wear other clothes too, so I did not file a complaint,” she says.