Bengaluru Man Did Something On A Bike That Has Made Us Believe That Corporate Life Is ‘Insane’

In a picture that is going viral, a man is seen working on a laptop while sitting on a bike. This post shared by a Bengalurian is getting funny reactions from people.

Working on a laptop while sitting on a bike

A picture of a man sitting on a bike in the middle of a flyover has gone viral on the internet. The man was spotted working on a laptop while sitting on a bike. Shared on LinkedIn by Harshmeet Singh, the post received a lot of reactions from netizens.


The caption accompanying the photo read, “Bengaluru at its best or worst? At 11 pm, Bengaluru – One of the busiest flyovers in the city, and here is a bike rider working on his laptop. If you as a boss have been able to intimidate your colleagues into meeting targets at the cost of their safety, then it is time for you to think again. Let’s use the phrases ‘IT’S URGENT’ and ‘DO IT ASAP’ more carefully, especially if you are in a position of power. You have no idea how these words affect the lives of your juniors.”

Netizens react

After this picture went viral, many were of the opinion that the man was probably doing something urgent.