Bengaluru ‘loud’ boom: Authorities Still Investigating. Twitter Reacts With Fear And A Pinch Of Humor

Bengaluru loud boom (1)

On Wednesday afternoon around 1.30 pm, a loud noise was heard across the city of Bengaluru. Soon, many residents posted on the shock of the sheer noise and also confessed to have felt tremors. Some speculated it to be an earthquake and some said it is supersonic.

The Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao confirmed that there hasn’t been any damage reported across the city. He also said that he has reached out to the Air Force Control Room to check if this was a flight.

Significant speculation in social media is whether the loud noise was a ‘sonic boom’. A sonic boom is the result of a fast movement of an aircraft that fly faster than the speed of the sound. In that case, a thunderous sound is heard. The Spokesperson of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited denied conducting regular flight tests.

Srinivas Reddy, the director of Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Center also confirmed that there wasn’t an earthquake in the city. He said,

“Earthquake activity will not be restricted to one area and will be widespread. We have checked our sensors and there is no earthquake activity recorded today.”

Here is how the residents reacted to the ‘loud boom’.