Bengaluru Lockdown: Flights And Trains Likely To Be Undisturbed; No Problem With Pre-Booked tickets

bengaluru lockdown

Bengaluru is likely to go into another lockdown from the 14th of July till the 22nd of July. The guidelines for the lockdown haven’t been released yet which has given rise to various speculations and anxiety among travelers.

The travelers who had already booked tickets to leave the city are in a state of panic to know whether the train and flight services will run. The airlines were bombarded with many calls to know whether the can travel and if not, can they opt for cancellation. As per a reliable source, there is likely to be no problem in case of the pre-booked tickets as flights will be given permission to operate. The source said,


“Flights and trains planned for the operation will continue to run undisturbed. However, people may need to make arrangements on their own to reach the airport and railway station. If passengers manage to get a cab, they will be allowed to run with passenger’s ticket considered as an e-pass for the cab driver.”

Airlines Respond To Concern

Many citizens of the city had tweeted their concerns. Pawan Bali tweeted,

“As Bangalore has announced lockdown from 14th July will the flights be functional as I have one booked on 15th from Bangalore to Delhi.”

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Courtesy: The Financial Express

Another Flyer Purushottam asked IndiGo,

“I have confirmed tickets from Chennai to Bangalore on 15th. Due to complete lockdown in Blr will these flights fly. Please clarify.”

Another flyer Ponnappa P tweeted to Lufthansa airlines,


“I am booked on repeat flight LH755 on July 22. Does the Bangalore city lockdown impact this flight in any way?”

Lufthansa responded to the concern of the flyer and said,

“The flight is scheduled as planned for now. We do not have further information. Please keep an eye out for updates via updates.”

All the airlines are following similar responses to the concerns of the flyers. The call center of the Indian railways has also received many queries regarding the same concern. The Senior Divisional Commerical Manager AN Krishna Reddy said,

“We are waiting for the state government to release clear guidelines on Monday. As of now, the interstate trains have a good response but not the intra-state ones.”


Source: The Indian Express