Bengaluru is the Cheapest City in India and fifth Least Expensive City Globally

cheapest city in india

Tit-Bit: As per the worldwide cost of living 2018 survey, Bengaluru is the cheapest city in India and fifth least expensive city globally. The results of the survey have also affirmed that Bengaluru is the best-to-live city in India and it can only get better and better in the coming days.

Bengaluru was the third cheapest city in the world and now it has slipped by two places referring to the worldwide cost of living 2017 survey. The reported noted that cheap and bountiful goods from rural areas with short supply chains coupled with Government subsidies on products in a certain category has kept prices down.

cheapest city in india

As per the Survey,

  • South Asian cities, especially those in India and Pakistan offers the best value for money.
  • Bengaluru, Chennai, Karachi, and New Delhi are among the 10 cheapest cities in the World.
  • The survey names Singapore as the expensive city in the world and Damascus as the cheapest city in the World.
  • Damascus is followed by Caracas (Capital of Venezuela), Almaty (Business center of Kazakhstan’s) in the second and third positions respectively.
  • The list includes Lagos at 4th place, Bengaluru (5th), Karachi (6th), Algiers (7th), Chennai (8th), Bucharest (9th), and New Delhi in the 10th position.
  • Singapore continues to become the most expensive city in the world for the fifth consecutive year leaving Paris in the second position followed by Zurich and Hong Kong in the third and fourth positions respectively.

These results have come from the Worldwide cost of living survey which is a bilateral Economist Intelligence Unit that does a comparison of 400 individual prices across 160 products and services. Categories considered here are food, drink, clothing, household supplies, home rents, transport, personal care, utility, domestic help, and recreation.

So, this is it. What do you think about this Survey result? How do you see Bengaluru as the cheapest city in the world? Please share your views in the comments below.

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