Bengaluru is Still the Leading City and the Hottest Destination for Techies in India

IT City

It is a known fact that Bengaluru is a hotspot for Techies in India and the most sought-after place for professions from the Information & Technology (IT) industry. To prove this fact again with numbers, a survey conducted by Indeed, a job-hunting website has pointed out that Bengaluru is the most preferred location for IT jobs in India. Widely known as a start-up capital of the country, Bengaluru has always nurtured and created a space for new ideas, start-ups thus creating several technical jobs in the arena.

The survey says that Bengaluru is the leading city with a considerable margin of 22% of jobs originating from the capital city of Karnataka. This is followed by Delhi NCR with 11% of jobs and closely followed by Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai in the line. The survey also lists Mohali and Ahmedabad among the top 8 cities with technical jobs in the country.


Leading city in Jobs related to Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning

One important thing the survey has noted is that Bengaluru is leading in jobs related to blockchain which is considered as the upcoming segment in the Indian technology space.

Sashi Kumar, the managing director of Indeed said, “It is important for every organization to keep evolving with the new technologies to keep pace – be it Artificial Intelligence, machine learning or data analytics. These new technologies help organizations to create more opportunities for employment and the same goes for the job seekers.”

He added, “Even though there is ample availability of jobs in India, the need of the hour is talent that is adequately skilled to fulfill the responsibilities the job. The employers across the world are looking for employees who can continuously upskill themselves, and thus continue to stay relevant to the organization.”

(Source: Financial Express)


The Age group of 20-29 is the most active job seekers’ group in the Technology space

The study has also stated that the age group of 20-29 is the most interested job seeker in the booming technology sector of Bengaluru. They are the most hired ones too while the age group of 40-49 shows the least interest in the sector.

Even though India produces a significant number of engineering graduates but somewhere students are lagging behind in skills that the industry requires. As a conclusion, the survey has reported that upskill plays an important role in order to be in the race. It has opined that the students or job seekers must be industry-ready and a mere bookish knowledge doesn’t help to grab a job in the IT space.

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