8 Key Highlights Of The Forthcoming Bengaluru International Film Festival 2019

The 11th edition of Bengaluru International film festival has been scheduled to be held from Feb 21. The festival is being organized by the Karnataka Chalanachitra (Film) Academy for the government of Karnataka and to be held at Orion mall in Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru.
The 11th edition of Biffes will be inaugurated by Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy on Feb 21st and regular screenings of the film will commence from Feb 22. The entry passes for the festival will be sold in both online and offline modes. The delegate fee is INR.800 for the general public and INR.400 for students, film society members, senior citizens and members of the film fraternity. So here are the 8 things you should know about the film festival.

1) World in Bengaluru

Biffes will screen movies in different languages from across the globe. Film critics, directors and producers will drop in into Bengaluru to participate and to witness the color of the festival. Participants can interact with various film personalities and exchange their culture with each other. This will also help participants in understanding the working techniques of international film industries.


 Bengaluru International Film Festival

2) Screening of 200+ movies

The festival will witness the screening of 200+ movies of various genres in 11 screens with 350+ shows across 7 days at one venue. One can watch as many as 3 to 4 films in a single day. There will be no seat allotments to any of the movies. Participants are free to choose the movie and screens according to the schedule.

 Bengaluru International Film Festival

3) Workshops

Apart from the screening of the movies the festival will also host various forums for academic interactions on film making and film appreciation like seminars, workshops, and master classes. This will benefit the film enthusiasts, film professionals, students and audience to understand different aspects of cinema.

4) Homage to rebel star Ambareesh

The festival will be paying homage to one of the legendary actors Late. Ambareesh.
5 films have been shortlisted to be screened at the event as a tribute to Ambareesh. This list includes his on-screen debut ‘Nagarhavu’, ‘Shubhamagala’, ‘Ranganayaki’, ‘Paduvarahalli pandavru’ and ‘Antha’. Ambareesh was also called as ‘Mandyada Gandu’. He passed away on 24th November 2018 leaving behind tears and unforgettable memories among people of Karnataka.


 Bengaluru International Film Festival

5) Film competition

The festival will also have competitions among the nominated films through various categories. The various categories for the competition include Kannada cinema competition, Indian cinema competition, Asian cinema competition, and many other categories. A group of juries will decide the winners for every category considering their own views and the opinions of participants.

6) Focus on films in lesser-known languages of India

Festival will provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to see films made in little known
Indian Languages/dialects such as Byari, Banjara, Jasari, and Khasi. Sinjar, a film in Jasri language written and directed by Sandeep Pampally, which was adjudged the Best Feature Film at the 65th National awards, will be screened. This will encourage the directors and producers to take more interest to make movies in Indian dialects.

7) 150 years of celebrating the Mahatma

As it is the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the festival will screen best of Indian and world cinemas made on Mahatma Gandhi. ‘The making of the Mahatma’ by Sham Bengal, ‘Gandhi my father’ by firoz Abbas Khan and ‘Kurmavatara’ by Girish Kasaravlli are the shortlisted films dedicated to the father of the nation.


 Bengaluru International Film Festival

8) Nature’s fury

The government and Karnataka Chalanchitra Academy have decided to cut expenditure by 50% as 156 Talukas in Karnataka are hit by the drought. However, there will be no compromise on the quality of the films. Interestingly the theme of the festival is ‘Nature’s fury’.

So, this was about the Key highlights of the Bengaluru International Film festival. This article is contributed by Manjunath Nayak

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