Bengaluru is the Only Indian City to make it to the list of Top 10 Tech Hubs in the World


Tit-Bit: India’s Silicon City and the knowledge capital, Bengaluru has been titled among the top 10 global innovation hubs in the world. This came in reference to a report released by global advisory firm KPMG entitled “The changing landscape of disruptive technologies.”

Conferring to a report released by KPMG, Bengaluru cut up the eight position with Israel’s Tel Aviv. Shanghai is stowed at the top, followed by Tokyo, London, New York, Beijing, Singapore, and Seoul.


Top 10 Includes cities from Americas, Asia, Europe and Israel

The report was generated in reference to a survey-based study where technology industry leaders were asked about the three cities, in addition to Silicon Valley / San Fransisco for the leading technology hubs over the next four years. As a contrast to last year’s report, this year’s top 10 includes cities from Americas, Asia, Europe, and Israel.

India has propelled to the third slot when it comes to disruptive technology break throughout that will have a global impact. In the study, out of 800 industry leaders globally, 13% believed in India with the US (34%) and China (265) are at the head of the race.

India as one of the emerging innovation centers in Asia, the country is giving space for large and global enterprises with several R&D centers and other facilities. According to Zinnov’s annual report on global in-house centers (GICs), nearly 950 MNCs has collectively set up 1,200 R&D hubs which are a positive side to the technology in India.



Bengaluru Start-ups play a Crucial Role

The report also mentions about the Indian startups and their role in shaping the technology in the country. In this space, startups are playing a crucial role in driving the innovation wave and thus creating a leading edge in the arena. Their disruptive approach of breaking the existing business models and their way of clefting the stereotypes were highlighted and appreciated.

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