Bengaluru Head Constable S Kumaraswamy Travels 960 KM On His Scooty To Deliver A Drug In Dharwad


47-year-old Bengaluru Police Head Constable S Kumaraswamy has shown that empathy has no limits with his extra-ordinary feat amidst the lockdown time. The officer, who works in the Bengaluru City Police Control Room, traveled 960 km on his Honda Scooty, to deliver a drug to a patient in Dharwad.

Here is more about this inspiring story:


Dharwad patient makes an appeal

On a regional news channel, Umesh, a Cancer patient from Dharwad appealed to the news anchor (on April 10th) that he required a drug to be delivered from Bengaluru within April 12th. He mentioned that the drug was available only in Bengaluru.

Quick response by the constable

Having watched this, after his shift (8 am – 1 pm) on the same day, S Kumaraswamy reached the office of the news channel and collected the details of the patient. As guided by the patient, Mr. Kumaraswamy picked the medicine at DS Research Centre in Indiranagar. 

Mr Kumaraswamy
Mr Kumaraswamy

He asks for permission to travel

The constable then reached his office and asked the permission for travel from his senior, ACP Ajaykumar Singh, who readily approved.


He later reached home and despite dissuasion from his family, Mr. Kumaraswamy was intent on making the long bike-ride to deliver the medicine.

The journey starts on April 11th

On April 11th, Kumaraswamy left his house at 4 am on his Scooty and reached Umesh’s house in Dharwad at 2:30 pm. The family of Umesh was surprised to see that a person had traveled all the way from Bengaluru to deliver the drug. During the journey to Dharwad, Kumaraswamy consumed just a bottle of water and a pack of biscuits.

He starts the travel back to Bengaluru on the same day

On the same day, at 4 pm, the constable left Dharwad for Bengaluru. He reached Chitradurga at 10:30 pm.


He said:

I was tired. There was a fire station office (in Chitradurga), and I requested them to allow me to rest there till early morning. I left at 5.30 am and reached Bengaluru by 10.30 am.’’

With this, Mr. Kumaraswamy completed the 960 km journey, something he had not attempted in his 22-year-old career.


“Just Felt Like Helping”

When asked as to what had made him do this, the man said:

I just felt like helping. When I went to Umesh’s house, I realized they were indeed in need of it. He has to take it for two years continuously and it is curable.’’

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao later felicitated Kumaraswamy for his gesture.