Bengaluru Has Showcased A 30 Ft Eco-Friendly Ganesha Which Is Made Out Of 9,000 Coconuts


Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated worshiping the idol of the ultimate Lord Ganesha. On this day, devotees install idols in their localities which will be worshiped for an average of 3 days. Nowadays people find a new and innovative way to make the Ganesha idol. Some make from fruits, some make from wooden craft and some make from eco-friendly goods.

Puttengally Ganesha temple in Bengaluru installed a gigantic eco-friendly Ganesha idol made of 9000 coconuts. It is said that the idol has been made by over 70 devotees and it took them 20 days to complete the project.


30 ft Ganesha made of Coconut

Lord Ganesha is worshipped all over the world and on this festival occasion, people worship the god with full affection. Bengaluru based Satya Ganapathi Shirdi Sai Trust have installed this 30 ft coconut Ganesh which looks very unique and beautiful. Idol is said to be made of 9,000 coconuts & 3,000 tender coconuts which are said to be eco-friendly.

source: naidunia

Apart from coconut, there are 20 types of vegetables used to decorate the temple premises. It is also said that the previous year the Ganesh idol was made of sugarcanes.

Unique idol

The idol of the elephant god is formed together by over 70 devotees who have been working on this project for the past 20 days. It is also claimed that the idol will be removed after 5 days post-festival and the coconut and vegetables will be distributed to the devotees.


source: livehindustan

On this festive occasion temple, authorities have also made halva weighing up to 1 ton and it is specially cooked by chefs who are called specifically for this purpose.