This is Bengaluru’s First Zero-Waste Cafe And The Idea Behind is Simply Awesome

eat raja

Of the innumerable options to explore that exist in Malleswaram, we are now adding yet another eatery to the ever-increasing list of spots that can satisfy your taste buds in this locality. Well, this time around, the spot we are going to tell you about might as well impress you with its concern towards the environment.

Located on the Sampige Road in Malleswaram since the 1970s, Karnataka Travelling Centre and Fruit Juice were rechristened to Eat Raja – Amma Maadiddu recently after changing the core motive of the juice shop. The man behind this transition is RJ turned entrepreneur Anand Raj who hails from the same family that used to run the juice bar at the same place.

eat raja

Bengaluru’s First Zero-Waste Cafe

How can any eatery/juice shop even attain such a tag? Where would the countless number of plastic bags, cups, and the bottles go? If you have the same doubts running in your mind, read on to find out how this joint has achieved this distinction.

At this juice shop, the management serves all their liquid savories in cups/glasses which are made entirely of fruit shells. Yes, you heard that right. The fruit shells of bananas, watermelon, muskmelon, pineapple are all turned into eco-friendly cutleries which are then used here to serve the customers.

After the usage, these fruit shells are fed to animals apart from a few citrus peels, out of which bio-enzymes are extracted to help in cleaning the floors and furniture here.
Metal straws or straws made of Coconut leaves are used which thereby eliminates the use of plastic straws. In this unique way, Eat Raja-Amma Maadiddu has become the city’s first Zero-Waste Cafe.

eat raja

‘Amma Maadiddu’

Translating to ‘ Made by Mother’, Eat Raja’s tagline is unique and tells a lot about the kind of delicacies that are on offer here. Apart from serving home-made food, they make fresh fruit juices without any adulteration or dilution, just the way it gets prepared by a ‘Mother’.
The juices are usually available in combinations and if you live somewhere close to this juice bar, you ought to try all of them within the next few weeks. Combos such as Watermelon + Pomegranate, Apple + Pink Dragon, Avacado + Mango, Sunmelon + Pink Dragon are all distinct in their own way and offer you an unforgettable experience.

eat raja

The spark behind this idea

The idea and the motive of this juice shop are indeed novel and here is what the founder, Mr. Anand Raj told about the origin of this idea.

Here is one of the excerpts from Anand’s interview with NDTV.

“I decided on the concept of ‘Eat Raja’, which means whatever you will get here will be homemade. I also saw how the business used to generate a lot of waste earlier – be it in terms of cups, straws, PET bottles and carry bags. When I took over, I decided to get rid of this legacy of waste, and that’s how our journey from being a humble juice shop to becoming Bengaluru’s first zero-waste juice corner took place.”

Well, this restaurant could set a trend in the future and become the role-model for the ‘Zero Waste’ culture in the city.