Bengaluru: Dog Spotted Travelling On Roof Of Moving Car, Sparks ‘Animal Abuse’ Debate

A viral video of a dog sitting on top of a moving car on a Bengaluru road is gaining traction on social media. The clip showed a brown-collared dog patiently standing on top of a moving car, before perching on the car roof.

Dog on Roof of Moving Car 

Shared by a page called Forever Bengaluru, the video was recorded by a passenger passing a car. But strangely enough, a dog was seen sitting on top of the car and not fiddling even when the vehicle was moving. It is unsure if the ‘stunt’ was intended, but it surely raised quite a few eyebrows on the micro-blogging site.


“Just Bengaluru things,” read the caption of the post, which has accumulated more than 180,000 views and nearly 1,200 likes and comments.

Netizens React

The viral video has left internet users furious and has ignited a debate on road safety and animal abuse. Twitteratis were quick to criticize the driver of the car for putting the dog in danger.