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darshini hotels

We see them wherever we go, in Bengaluru. At any street, corner or crossing, you cannot miss the sight of Darshini hotels. The trend of simplicity and tradition, inspired by the idea to take up an international trend and apply it on South Indian food became a big hit and has always been loved by people from all walks of life. Here we bring to you 10 interesting facts about this successful implementation.

Here to Stay

It’s like the Starbucks or the McDonalds of U.S.A. – The Darshinis of Bengaluru have come to stay. The fast-food outlets dishing out hot crunchy masala dose, soft idlis, crispy Vade, and hot piping coffee are all over Bengaluru now.


They’re Everywhere!

Bengaluru literally has thousands of Darshinis under several individual managements serving south Indian vegetarian food. They usually are identified with small round steel tables and diners standing around them eating dosas, idlis, vada’s, curd rice, vegetable pulao, rice with sambar, lemon rice, Bisi bele bath, uppittu, Kesari bath, and coffee.

darshini hotels

Come one, come all!

The low-cost and on the go breakfast and lunch menus are a big hit among all class of people and it is hard to find any good quality Darshini that is not overcrowded by the day.

Where it began

It is well known that the Darshini culture was introduced by Mr. R. Prabhakar in 1983. Inspired by the fast food chains abroad, he started the first darshini called ‘Cafe Darshini’ in Jayanagar.


darshini hotels

Chain Reaction

The success of Café Darshini saw the proliferation of several darshinis and the many existing coffee bars renaming themselves into some Darshini.

Darshini Brahma

Mr. Prabhakar is also known as Darshini Brahma since he started the concept of Darshini and made the cost of food affordable to the general public. It is said that there are over 5000 Darshini’s in the city itself because of a huge demand.

darshini hotels

To see and select

“Darshini means to see and select food from a menu, as in a KFC or McDonald’s”, says Mr. Prabhakar. In this case, one gets to order south Indian staples at pocket-friendly prices just the way he saw during a trip abroad.


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The best and the finest

There are several Darshinis which have maintained a good quality of food because of fresh and quality ingredients. Some of the well known Darshini Hotels are Upahara Darshini in Netkallappa Circle Basavanagudi and Ganesh Darshini in Jayanagar.

darshini hotels

Improvise to thrive

While most of the Darshinis serve only south Indian vegetarian food, some metamorphosed Chinese food to suit the Indian palate by introducing everything from the original gobi to the latest mixed-vegetable Manchurian, and even they have thrived.


Secret Sauce

The secret for the success of the Darshini hotels is the quick tasty bite one gets which is also easy on their wallet. Darshinis also have become popular hangout joints for office goers, college students or for that matter to anyone for a quick bite and a hot cup of coffee and gossip.

darshini hotels

Let’s all hit the nearest Darshini Hotels we know, today, and enjoy an amazing, pocket-friendly meal!

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