Bengaluru Cop Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 Takes His Own Life

A Karnataka State Reserve Police Force office who had tested positive for COVID-19 took his own life on Tuesday morning in Bengaluru.

The Indiranagar Police station confirmed the news. The 49-year-old police officer was being shifted to a designated COVID-19 hospital after the results of his coronavirus test came. As per the Indiranagar police station, the officer was found dead on the bus when it reached the hospital. This is not the first time in the state that someone took their life after being positive for the disease.


Since the pandemic has been reported in the state, there were multiple reports of suicide from different parts. The first one, however, was of a 50-year-old man who was admitted to Victoria hospital in Bengaluru after he turned out to be positive for the novel coronavirus. The man jumped from the building and took his life on the 27th of April. Apart from that, there have been several reports of people taking their own lives in quarantine centers, especially those who have returned from another state.

59 Officers Tested Positive In Bengaluru

On Tuesday, more police officers were tested positive in the city. Four officers who were placed under quarantine were tested positive. They were a part of the 11-member team that arrested four accused from Hosur. One of the accused was tested positive and immediately, the whole team was placed under quarantine. The police force, to date, has lost three of its officers to the disease.

Bengaluru Police
Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

On Sunday, the Commissioner of Bengaluru Police, Bhaskar Rao ordered all police officers over the age of 55 to remain at home. During this period, it will be counted as a duty for those officers. In Bengaluru alone, there are 59 police officers who have been infected with the virus. 49 of them are hospitalized. Six police stations in the city have been temporarily shut for sanitation and fumigation.


Karnataka has reported 9721 cases of novel coronavirus so far. The city of Bengaluru amounts to 1505 of it. As of 24th June, India has recorded 4,56,248 confirmed cases out of which 1,83,111 are active. Over 2.5 lakh patients have recovered successfully from the disease and 14,000 people have lost their lives. Among the countries with most cases, India stands at 4th position behind the United States, Brazil, and Russia.


Source: The News Minute