Bengaluru BMTC Resume services: Cashless Transactions, Compulsory Pass, And More

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From Tuesday, the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation’s buses will resume operation with 50 percent capacity. Except in containment areas, the buses are allowed to run in other parts of the city.

However, to travel in BMTC, a passenger has to avail daily, weekly or monthly pass. This is the first time BMTC has introduced a weekly pass that costs Rs. 300 while the daily pass costs Rs. 70. While the weekly and monthly pass is issued in designated depots, the daily pass can be issued by the bus conductor. The passenger has to provide a valid identity card while acquiring a pass and is asked to carry the identity card through the travel. The BMTC issued a statement with respect to a change in the ticketing system that said,

“The change in the ticketing system is to provide safe and convenient transport facility, to control the spread of coronavirus and to create a sense of trust for passengers using public transport.”

Courtesy: The Indian Express

Passengers are advised to not board the buses if there aren’t seats available. Wearing a mask has been made compulsory. There will be dedicated doors to enter and exit the bus. The crew has also been asked to wear masks and use sanitizers and has also been made in-charge to make sure those who are suffering from fever or other ailments are not allowed to board the bus. Senior citizens, pregnant women, and children under the age of 10 are strictly not allowed.

BMTC to shift to cashless transactions

In order to reduce cashless transactions, the BMTC has introduced a QR code ticketing system in 75 buses in 15 depots. This is a trial run and if it succeeds, it will be scaled. BMTC will run only 2,000 buses on Tuesday in high-density areas. The number will be gradually increased. Air-conditioned buses will not be operated.

The Karnataka State Transport Corporation to resume its operation on Tuesday with 1,500 buses which amount to 25 percent of its services. The maximum number of travelers are restricted to 30. The transport is only for the destination inside the state. Buses are scheduled in a way that the destinations are reached by 7 pm. Passengers will be screened while boarding. The tickets for the travel can be booked through the official website of KSRTC.

Source: The Indian Express