Bengaluru Based Comedian P Shravan Booked For Making Offensive Comments Against Pillars Of Hampi

These days Standup comedians are on the verge of losing their shows over their controversial jokes on certain sensitive topics and this time once again a Bengaluru based standup comedian is on the radar for his joke on Hampi. Bengaluru-based stand-up comedian P Shravan has landed in a soup after he made ‘offensive comments’ on the heritage musical pillars of Hampi.

Standup Comedian Booked For His Remarks

Local organizations and tourist guides lodged a police complaint against the comedian and the show organizers at Hampi police station. A notice has been served to Shravan and event organizers who will be summoned to Hampi soon.




In a recent show, Shravan was seen making lewd comments on the musical pillars of Hampi. The Vijaya Vittala Temple complex houses a unique architecture where pillars made inside the temple produce music when tapped. As the pillars are getting old the authorities have barred people from touching them. The members Vijayanagara Smaraka Samrakshana Samiti, Hampi Task Force, and Vidyaranya Guides Association condemned the comments by the comedian and demanded strict action.

 It Has Become A Habbit Now

“It has become routine for comedians using historical figures and history to create fun. It’s a shameful act involving the rich heritage of Hampi. With this, the comedian has insulted Hakkaraya and Bukkaraya brothers who found this great site. We have asked the police to take strict action and a mere apology will not do,” said Samiti President Vishwanath Malagi.

The video has gone viral and netizens have demanded action against the artists and organiers. “The comedian who speaks in Kannada has no knowledge or respect for one’s own heritage. Such jokes can be made on the bar table and not at comedy events that get broadcast online,” added another complainant.