Bengaluru: Autos Hike fares, Commuters Allege Overcharging

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From Tuesday, after the state government announced relaxations, public transport was allowed to operate in the state. That included BMTC buses, autos, and taxis. In a recent development, several commuters have complained that the autos are overcharging.

The auto drivers of Bengaluru have had a notorious reputation of often overcharging during the night or during long-distance travel even before the lockdown. As per some commuters, the situation has stayed the same or worsened after the relaxation of the lockdown.

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After the government’s notification of the relaxations, on Tuesday, the autos and taxis were seen on the streets as usual. There has been a restriction imposed that autos can only carry two passengers during a trip. On the first day of the relaxation itself, the complaints against the autos overcharging started pouring in on social media. One of the commuters complained that drivers are charging Rs. 150 for a 6km ride from Majestic to Shantinagar. On the other hand, the auto drivers who were practically out of work for the two months during lockdown are struggling to make ends meet. Some even said that the business on the first day of relaxation isn’t great.

Business to remain the same for a few months

K Manjunath, the auto driver who was waiting for a trip near Majestic spoke to the Times of India and said,

“I had been desperately waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. But on the first day, we didn’t do much business. This might well be the situation for the upcoming months. We will get more passengers only after interstate trains and buses open and more offices resume work.”

Several of them are refusing to take a trip under the government prescribed fares set by the government. The auto drivers are also yet to receive the compensation amount announced by the government 11 days ago. Another auto driver, Mohan K said that the government should not delay the compensation. He said,

“If they are not giving us the aid now, when will they? We are worried that they will forget the promise.”

The government is supposed to start registration for compensation this week on the Seva Sindhu portal, as per the Transport Department of the state.

Source: The Times of India