Bengaluru Airport Will Have Roads Made Of Plastic Wastes. BBMP To Send Tonnes Of Plastic For Construction

source: thenewsminute

Tonnes of plastic seized by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will be delivered to Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL). And the reason is, the airport authorities will use them in constructing roads near the premises. Operators of Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) have asked to hand over 2.5 tonnes of plastics waste from the BBMP.

BIAL request for plastic

Earlier the BIAL officials wrote a letter to BBMP, requesting to handover up to 50 tonnes of plastic. These plastic wastes will be used to mix with the concrete to lay the roads near the airport premises. It has also requested to collect the plastic from the city and send it to road construction.



Hand in hand, BBMP has decided to move all the plastics to the airport with free of cost and in few days a truck full of plastics will be officially handed over to BIAL authorities as a symbol of good gesture. BBMP is also planning to install booths across the city to collect plastic waste from the citizens as well.

Airport Road built of wastes

“We decided to give seized plastic to the airport free of cost for building the road. They aim to collect over 50 tonnes in a total of which we will contributing a part. In the future, if KIA expresses interest to procure more plastic, we will give them more quantity, based on demand. The seized plastic is currently being stored at waste management centers across the city,” said BBMP official.

source: indianexpress

BBMP had previously collected 11,000kg of plastics and have fined people in the crackdown on the usage of single-use plastic in the city. This move will help the authorities to get rid of tonnes of plastics from the city. This is not the first time the city is using plastics for construction. Previously, MG Road and Old Airport Road were built by using plastics. It is the first time an airport has shown interest to build roads mixing plastics.