15 times Bengalurians took traffic problems to Twitter and they were frustratingly Sarcastic

Bengalurians took traffic problems to Twitter

Bengaluru and traffic are like two bodies and one soul; inseparable. Hell with all the complaints and measures, traffic in the city is getting worse with time and it is only increasing. Thanks to IT revolution. Well, the city was not like this before but as it started growing, every other problem arose. Anyhow, if we have to travel in the city then we have to bear the traffic. Sometimes, the frustration level crosses its limits and all the anger turns to Sarcasm. We start trolling our own situation and laugh on that. So, when this happened on a public paltform like Twitter, the blend of frustration and sarcasm went to its next level. Take a look at few of the epic tweets when Bengalurians took traffic problems to twitter.

Bengalurians took traffic problems to twitter

Remember this. When you have nothing to do or if you are really feeling frustrated about Bengaluru traffic then check this hashtag #BengaluruTraffic on Twitter. Just for some good laugh and for a feeling that we all are stuck in the same boat.


15 times Bengalurians took traffic problems to Twitter

Because I’m in a hurry.

A Deadly Combo.

There is a positive side to Bengaluru Traffic. Now you know.

Give this girl an Award. Please note the new definition of Bengaluru Traffic.

Did you get this?

When I’m stuck in Traffic and bored of getting bored.

Frustration + Bengaluru Traffic = PJ

Sad but true. Let us take this moment to thank the City Police of Bengaluru.

Royal Enfield owners, no hard feelings please.

Like be a Roman in Rome.

I guess this might be in Silk Board Traffic.

Is there any alternative left?

Frustrated and yet trying to be funny.

Better option?

It just feels that we all are stuck in the same boat (no sailing)

This is what happened when Bengalurians took Traffic problems to twitter. Funny, intriguing and frustratingly sarcastic.

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