Bengali Theatre Artistes Dub For Devaki, The Second-Most Awaited Indian Film On IMDB


A few days back, the team of Kannada film Devaki created a buzz on social media by becoming the second most awaited Indian film on IMDB. The teaser of Devaki was released a few days back which was positively received by the audience. One of the things we noticed was the film was set in Kolkata.

The film is extensively shot in Kolkata. The aesthetics of the city is visible in the visuals of the teaser. Now we are learning new developments regarding the same by the director, Lohith himself.

“We have seen films set in abroad where few characters speak the native tongue which adds to the authenticity of the film. We have also seen a few teams which have neglected this aspect. We want to give the audience an authentic film and since our film had to be set in Kolkata, few characters are played by the native actors and they speak Bengali too.”


That is true in a way. Filmmakers tend to compromise authenticity in a fear of the alienating audience. A lot of films’ business has been affected because it doesn’t seem as authentic as it should have been. There is also a fear of alienating the audience by the use of foreign language.

“No, it’s not like that. Only 15 to 20 percentage of the entire film will have Bengali parts. The rest of the film will be in Kannada as Priyanka Upendra and Kishore are the central characters of the film.”

Also, the Bengali parts have been dubbed by the Bengali actors residing in Bangalore. The film also marks the debut of Upendra and Priyanka Upendra’s daughter Aishwarya.
Lohith is eyeing for a June release which is just days away from today. He also plans to release the subsequent trailer and the audio launch before the release. The film starring Priyanka Upendra has completed shooting and is now in the post-production.


After the success of his first film Mummy, Lohith is riding on high success and going by the teaser of Devaki, it sure does have a potential to be the second consecutive success for Lohith.



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