Bengal Government Comes Up With ‘Arogya Sandesh’ To Boost Immunity Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The West Bengal Government has come out with an ‘Arogya Sandesh’ which will contain honey from Sundarbans and increase immunity, an official said on Sunday. The ‘Sandesh’ will boost the immune system as a whole but it is not a COVID-19 antidote, the official added.

Cotton cheese made from cow milk will be mixed with pure honey from the Sunderbans to prepare the ‘Arogya Sandesh’ which will also have extracts of tulsi leaves, an official of the Animal Resources Development Department told PTI.


Arogya Sandesh In Bengal

No artificial flavours would be added to the sweetmeat which will be available in the department’s outlets in the city and neighbouring districts, he said.

Sunderbans Affairs Minister Manturam Pakhira said the honey for making Arogya Sandesh will be collected from beehives in places such as Pirkhali, Jharkhali and other parts of the Sunderbans and it will be stored in a scientific manner.

The Sandesh is expected to hit the shelves in another two months and the pricing will be within the reach of the common man, the animal resources development department official said.


Earlier this month, a reputed sweetmeat chain of Kolkata came out with an ‘Immunity Sandesh’ claiming that it contains various herbs and spices such as haldi (turmeric), tulsi, saffron, and cardamom and Himalayan honey, which will boost immunity to fight novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Twitter users had hilarious reactions to the ‘Arogya Sandesh’. ANI’s editor Smita Prakash wrote, “Arogya Sandesh and Immunity Sandesh it seems. How much ullu-banaoing hain?” “Immunity ka toh pata nahin par diabetes zaroor boost hoga,” said another Twitter user.