5 Surprising Benefits of Whisky You May not have an Idea About

benefits of whisky

Whisky, the world’s third most popular drink derives its name from ancient Irish term, ‘Uisce Beatha’ that means ‘water of life’. Information from websites of various organizations concerned with whisky trade reveals, over 17.4 million cases of whisky were sold worldwide in 2016. This figure was calculated on basis of standard nine liters per case basis and hence includes 90ml, 180ml, 375ml flasks and miniatures too. In this context, let us know some surprising benefits of Whisky on today’s read.

Why Whisky?

There are several reasons why whisky is preferred choice among alcohol drinkers. It has a smooth palate and hence can be consumed straight or with little water. Unlike most other alcoholic drinks, it does not require mixers like soft drinks and juice.


Depending upon the distillery, whisky contains a potent dose of alcohol- between 37 percent and 43 percent Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 75 degrees proof spirit. Once consumed, whisky metabolizes rapidly and triggers a sense of well being by regulating brain hormones Serotonin, Adrenalin, and Dopamine. India is in like manner one of the greatest countries that add to the age of whiskey and a substitute variety of that reality.

benefits of whisky

Whisky comes in many varieties and while choosing the perfect whisky for you a couple of factors ought to be considered. There are different types of whisky brands and choosing the Best selling whisky brands in India becomes a matter of preference more than anything else.

Alcohol serum levels caused by high-quality whisky have a shorter half-life. This means the body is able to eliminate alcohol within a shorter span of time compared to other drinks. Hence, drinking an excellent whisky in moderation does not impart hangover and has several health benefits from the drinker.


Health Benefits of Whisky

Before we discuss amazing health benefits of whisky, it is worth noting that alcohol is good for health only when consumed in moderation. Though several tests have been conducted worldwide to determine benefits of whisky, their results have been largely inconclusive. However, whisky aficionados and medical professionals testify that the whisky has some surprising benefits.

1) Whisky for Great Skin

Yes, whisky is excellent for your skin, when consumed in moderation. As discussed earlier, whisky imparts a sense of well being and helps relieve stress. It speeds up blood circulation.

As a result, the formation of stress lines on the forehead, near eyes and on the neck is delayed. Enhanced blood circulation caused by drinking whisky helps the skin to eliminate toxins and other impurities.


This leaves your skin appearing fresher and younger. Thanks to the beneficial effects of whisky on the skin, several products that contain small volumes of this alcoholic drink have emerged in the skincare market. Whisky also contains essential extracts of wheat, rye or barley. These extracts help to regulate oil secretion of the skin and help retain glowing complexion.

2) Whisky for Better Memory

Brands of expensive whisky contain high doses of Ellagin or Ellagic Acid- a natural phenol anti-oxidant. Ellagic acid is known to stimulate brain functioning. Therefore, consuming small doses of whisky regularly is said to help prevent dreadful disease like Alzheimer syndrome and dementia.

A study conducted by US National Institute of Medicine some years ago proves that people who drink whisky occasionally can actually benefit since the drink reduces the risk of dementia and memory loss caused by aging.


Other studies indicate that whisky stimulates blood circulation which helps better brain functioning. Consumed in moderation and during the right hours of the evening, whisky promotes sleep that relaxes the body and brain. A relaxed brain is capable of receiving, processing and storing large volumes of information. Heavier drinking can cause severe memory losses and permanent memory blackouts.

advantages o drinking whisky

3) Whisky Makes Better Lovers

Medical science has yet to discover any proven aphrodisiacs. However, whisky does have an aphrodisiac effect since the alcohol works on your brain’s mesolimbic dopamine pathway or receptors that trigger carnal desires and male libido.

Studies indicate that moderate consumption of whisky leads to dulling of inhibitions associated with carnal pleasures. Hence, whisky drinkers enjoy better love life with their partners. This benefit is, however, a subject of hot debate because whisky also imparts a strong mouth odor that can severely limit a person’s appeal to the partner.

Expensive and rare whiskies are prized because of their action on specific parts of the brain that promote sexual functions and overall health. However, this benefit is also available to moderate and occasional drinkers only. Heavy drinkers can suffer impotency, dulling of desires and reproductive system disorders.


4) Whisky Prevents Cardiac Ailments

Expensive single-malt whiskies made of superior quality grain was found to contain high levels of essential anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants prevent the formation of Low Density Lipids (LDL) or bad cholesterol, as it is commonly called. LDL is the prime cause of cardiac problems. It is a lipid that binds to your blood vessels and constricts the smooth flow of blood within the body.

It coats important arteries and veins connected to your heart. Left unchecked, LDL level builds up and can begin impeding with blood processed by the heart. The condition can worsen into severe cardiac ailments and cause heart attacks. However, it is important to note that whisky alone does not reduce LDL levels.

You also require a healthy diet and proper exercise regimen to keep LDL levels in check. Mere consumption of whisky in moderation is not sufficient to prevent cardiac arrests and other disease caused by high cholesterol.

benefits of whisky

5) Whisky Promotes Digestion

Whisky, like other alcohols, metabolizes into acids when digested. This increases the overall acidity of your stomach and intestines, triggering appetite. Hence, whisky also helps people who suffer from poor appetite for any reason. Acid levels that whisky causes enable you to better digest foods that are rich in fiber and proteins.

Whisky also promotes appetite because it has much lower sugar content compared to other alcoholic drinks. High intake of sugar through alcohol adversely impacts hunger. High sugar typical of other drinks elevates insulin levels which causes drowsiness.
Hence, people who consume other alcoholic drinks often feel drowsy and sleep without eating a proper meal.


However, whisky being low on sugar does not trigger high insulin levels. Again, drinking in moderation gives proper appetite.Excessive drinking loads your liver with alcohol and impedes the digestive process, which kills hunger.

benefits of whisky

In Conclusion

There are various research papers and documents that prove surprising benefits of whisky. As discussed in this article, benefits are available only to moderate drinkers. Generally, moderate drinking is measured on the basis of alcohol consumed during a day.

For women, consuming 60ml of 40 percent ABV whisky per day is considered as moderate or safe. For men, the amount is double, at 120ml of 40 percent ABV whisky per day. Alcohol should strictly be avoided by expectant and lactating mothers.

Binge or heavy drinking negates the surprising benefits of whisky. You may not be a daily drinker. However, if you consume more than the daily moderate average on a single day, these benefits can be lost. This is because human liver requires between 60 and 90 minutes for processing a standard whisky drink of 30ml.

advantages o drinking whisky

Drinking in rapid succession leads to alcohol build up in the body since your liver cannot digest more. Hence, it is advisable to drink responsibly to enjoy these five surprising benefits of whisky.