Bell Bottom Review: Whatttey Fun Ride, A Full On Paisa Vasool Movie


Being the most-expected Kannada movies of the week, Bell Bottom has taken a grand opening today. It has Rishab Shetty appearing in a lead role for the first time with Haripriya playing the female lead. Bell bottom is a comedy thriller directed by Jayateertha of Tony fame backed by a very interesting story written by T.K Dayanand. Basically, it revolves around a theft case and the chase narrated with light-hearted humor.

Set up in the 80s, Bell Bottom has a fun-filled first half

The entire movie is set up in the 80s carrying the chronicles of detective Diwakara weaved around a peculiar yet interesting theft case. Diwakar, a character played by Rishab Shetty is an aspiring detective agent who keeps an interest in solving mysteries. Having his father working in the police department, eventually, situations force him to become a PC. Rishab Shetty as Detective Diwakar takes you on a fun ride and in the scenes where he meets Hari Priya are fun to watch.

bell bottom

The primary plot of Bell bottom is the series of thefts that happen in police stations and Diwakar chasing them, finding clues one after the other. However, Bell bottom wins for a reason that it carries a peculiar sense of humor throughout yet keeping you on edge of the seat.

One thing we loved about the movie is the selection of characters; Yogaraj Bhat for a reason in a scene or two or Sujay Shashtri and his comical timing. The pun-filled dialogues written by Raghu Niduvalli adds up to all the emotions that the movie carries.

A Layered Second-Half And A Neat Climax

The second-half of Bell-bottom actually chases the theft case which was left open in the first-half. Built with an intense sense of curiosity till its end, one cannot easily predict the victim and this is where the movie wins. Director’s sensibility speaks and every character that comes in has played their part. Without a second thought, Bell bottom is a must-watch movie and a Full on Paisa Vasool entertainer. Our Rating: 3.8 / 5

bell bottom

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So, do watch the movie at your nearest theatres. Have a great weekend!

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