These Super-Innovative Promotional Activities By Bell Bottom Movie Are What Needed For Every Kannada Movie


Cinema, a world of fantasy that manifests through stories, music, colors, and visuals is magical indeed. There are efforts and creativity put out to convert a piece of the story to a movie, fair enough but there’s one more aspect to it – MARKETING.

In today’s time, getting the audience to theatres is a task indeed owing to the growth of digital entertainment. On the other hand, people have also become choosy and ‘Cinema in theatres’ has not remained as the only source of entertainment for them. So, it becomes important to market the movie so that it reaches to a larger set of audience.

In this context, Bell-Bottom, a Kannada movie which is set to release on this 15th of February is creating a buzz through its innovative promotional activities. Here are a few we came across and thought to share as a lesson of marketing for new-age filmmakers.

Creative Posters

Bell bottom has a story set up in the 80s and so is their marketing strategy. The team has released a series of posters giving a vintage feel to the audience. The main poster of the movie where we see Rishab Shetty standing with a gun in his hand and an Owl on his shoulder grabs the attention. It has a title designed in a vintage font and the very feel of it takes you back to the 80s. As there was no digital print back in those times, one can see characters on posters are caricatured. So, on the whole, the team has made sure that their promotional strategy goes in line with the movie’s theme and motif.

Lesson: Think off-beat and stick yourself to the movie’s style and proposition.

bell bottom promotion

Teaser and Trailer

It is a known thing that teasers and trailers will play a key role in creating a buzz about the movie. If you have watched the teaser of bell bottom, it starts with dialogue from Dr. Raj’s Govadalli CID 999 movie, cut to the entry of Rishab Shetty, the lead actor. It runs with a classic detective style of music and the way it wraps up is beautifully thought and cut. Coming to its trailer, again there is a fresh approach. The entire trailer of Bell bottom is presented in a Hari Kathe style.

Lesson: Make sure that your teaser and trailer creates a Buzz.

bell bottom promotion

Audio Trailer

Bell bottom becomes the first ever movie in the world to release an audio trailer. Owing to its 80s theme, they have released this audio trailer and it looks off-beat and unorthodox. It is helping the movie in a way that people are talking about it.

Lesson: Think out of the box, being in the box.

bell bottom promotion

Onground promotions

Onground promotions are one thing that creates a real-time interest in the audience. As a contrast to digital outreach, it has its own impact and effect which works only when it is thought and planned properly.

The bell bottom team is thankful to Manu for coming up with an idea of retro cycle announcement in different parts of Bengaluru. They have re-created the 80s style of announcing a movie and the entire set up looks very nostalgic.

Lesson: Make use of every channel to promote your product.

Replication of Popular Advertisements from the 80s Period

Another wistful thing from the period of the 80s is the yesteryear’s advertisements. They had carried their own style of presentation which now looks very cliche but cute. To keep things innovative, the team has replicated the popular advertisements from the 80s period. The credit goes to Dayanand TK, writer of the film who has come up with this idea of including vintage advertisements.

Lesson: Play with the unique elements of the movie.

bell bottom promotion

bell bottom promotion

Recreating the 80s Feel on Social media

Social media is a platform that gives us a space to get connected to your audience. And, movies are greatly making use of it. In this context, Bell bottom team is creating conversation posters to keep the buzz alive. Here are a few of them which again goes in line with the theme of the movie.

Lesson: Social media is free but comes with its own creative cost.

bell bottom promotion

Innovative Standees

It is said that the team is coming up with innovative standees where one can become a defective Diwakar, a character played by Mr. Rishab in the movie. We are sure that standees of this kind attract kids and youngsters thus grabbing the attention in style.

Lesson: Keep it simple and effective.

When it comes to promotion of the movie, there needs a dedicated team to get it done. Thanks to The Big Little, a marketing company which has executed the things and brainstormed the ideas to get the word out.

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