Behind The Scenes: Here’s What Dravid Felt While Portraying The ‘Indiranagar’s Goonda’

On April 9th, when everyone was expecting the IPL to trend all over the country, it was something else that was actually in the news. Cred dropped an advertisement that featured Rahul Dravid in an unseen avatar. No one had seen Dravid like that, and since then, he is the only man to be in the news.

Many would be interested in how Rahul Dravid would have reacted while not playing himself for this advertisement. Speaking to Indian Express, Ayappa KM, director of the commercial revealed more of the scenes on the set.


Why am I doing this?

Ayyappa said, “Every time Rahul Dravid would scream, every single time he screamed, he would cover his forehead with his hands. Like ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?… A guy out of his comfort zone… That was so entertaining to watch.

He added: “I think the biggest victory here is that Rahul Dravid looks like a seasoned actor. Let’s be honest, he is known for his cricketing skills much more than his acting skills. So it was very nice to see the feedback, that somewhere we’ve communicated the dark side of Rahul Dravid that doesn’t even exist!”

Tanmay Bhat co-wrote this ad

AIB’s Tanmay Bhat was one of the writers of this commercial. He said: “Rahul Dravid is one of the nicest, politest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. In the brief few hours, he taught me how to correct my batting stance, was kind enough to share the most fascinating cricketing insights and most pleasantly surprising was his incredible curiosity. He asked about punchlines, and delivery, and the science behind writing and directing comedy. Incredible experience. What an absolute legend.


There were a lot of backup gigs too

Ayyappa said: “We were not 100 per cent sure of how it’s going to turn out. So, we had planned a lot of backup physical gags as well. But then we met him in the morning and he seemed very chilled and not very rattled by it. I screamed out a couple of lines to give him a basic idea. And then he got it. It’s very hard for a non-actor to explode like that.”

He further revealed: “We were hoping that he actually gets stressed out and gets angry. We kind of simulated a jam for the shoot where, on one side, you get somebody to just scream at him. So, he reacts to it and also kind of forgets that is in front of a camera. Almost like theatre, we kind of have some improvisational acting with him, and he pulled it off. But he never got angry, that never happened. There were no star tantrums.

Source: Indian Express