Beginner’s Guide On How To Plan Your Travel Budget For Maldives Trip

Pristine beaches, crystalline waters, and scenic destinations – Maldives is an absolute bliss. This tiny cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean has also become a hot spot for Bollywood celebrities and influencers.

If you have also been planning to fly to this amazing destination, make sure you plan the trip in advance. This will not only help you have a smooth vacation but also save a lot of bucks. To give you an idea of how to plan your travel budget for the Maldives trip, we have jotted down some essentials. Take out a notebook and start planning:


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Things to Consider While Planning The Budget

 The Duration of The Trip

Four days? A week? Or ten days? You need to decide the duration of your trip to see how much budget you need to allocate for the trip. The longer you stay, the higher your budget should be.

Generally, a 5-day trip can cost you somewhere around Rs. 70,000-1,00,000 if you opt for a travel package.


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 Flights and Visa

Once you have finalized the duration, you will need to check flight tickets for the trip. While one-way flight tickets to Maldives range from Rs. 17000 – 24,000. If you want to save your money, book the tickets in advance. You can also take advantage of special deals or discounts on special occasions to book the flight tickets.

When it comes to Maldives visa for Indians, it is free. You don’t need a pre-arrival visa,you will get a tourist visa on arrival at Male airport. Hence make sure to have all the travel documents.



This part of your trip should also be done in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle or trouble. Thankfully, Maldives has plenty of accommodation options for both budget and luxury travel.

If your budget is tight, you can opt for hostels or guest houses across the local islands. They can cost you around Rs. 2,000 to 4,500. Some of the local islands for budget guesthouses are Hulhumale, Guraidhoo, Maafushi, Dhigurah, or Eydhafushi. However, if you are on a luxury trip, you can always opt for resorts or luxury hotels.

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Travel Insurance

Not many people think about overseas travel insurance when planning a trip and that is certainly not advised. Travel insurance can help in case of any misfortunate event. From losing your passport or wallet to getting injured, travel insurance will cover these costs. So, when planning a travel budget, do take out some amount for purchasing the perfect travel insurance for yourself.

 Daily Expenses

Daily expenses on the trip may include food and travel expenses you will need to visit different islands. Again, if you are on a budget, the best thing to do is eat at local restaurants and use the public transport and ferries for travelling. This will not just save your money but also give you the chance to enjoy the local culture and life of Maldives.

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 Extra Activities

When in Maldives, you just cannot ignore the dearth of activities and water sports you can enjoy. And since these activities also cost a lot, you need to prepare in advance on how much you can spend or how much is needed for such activities.


Some of the activities you can look for are snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, tube ride, underwater walking and so on. You can also look for activity packages to get a good deal.

 Extra Tips!

When it comes to planning a travel budget, it is always best to know a few more tips than just the ones mentioned above. Here are some of our best suggestions you can follow to ensure an amazing Maldives trip under budget:

  • Create a spreadsheet to track all the purchases and every payment you make. This will help in sticking to the travel budget.
  • Always compare the prices with at least 3-4 websites for accommodation, flights, and even water sport activities.
  • Along with prices, also check the reviews and then decide where to spend the money.
  • Pack properly if you do not want to spend on shopping essentials.

Done reading? Now wait no more and start the planning. Happy vacation!

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