15 Beautiful Beaches in Karnataka You Should Visit To Enjoy The Coastal Side Of The State

beaches in karnataka

Who doesn’t love beaches? Be it with your family, your friends or your significant other, you can’t admit that you don’t plan on visiting one soon. Bengaluru is blessed to have been in close proximity to a lot of beaches. Here we bring you 15 beaches in Karnataka you could choose from, for your Christmas and New Year plans.

Must-Visit Beaches In Karnataka

Kudle Beach – Gokarna

One of the most popular beaches in Gokarna, Kudle beach is known for its serenity in the evenings because the waters gently splash onto the rocks. This beach is tourist friendly thanks to the easy availability of beach shacks and also because of easy access by road. It is the first among the 4 beaches on the beach trek in Gokarna.

beaches in karnataka

Om Beach – Gokarna

Shaped like the symbol for “Om”, this beach in Gokarna is quite popular for its cafe culture and for the water sports one can always enjoy here. This beach is ideally enjoyed in the evenings when one can take in a gorgeous view of the sunset. Om beach is accessible by road and is the second stop on the beach trek in Gokarna.

beaches in karnataka

Half Moon Beach – Gokarna

The beach gets its name from the shape of a half-moon. It is accessible only via the rocky trekking route from Om Beach or by boat. You must make it a point to bathe here in the clear waters and enjoy delicious food at a lone shack which can be easily identified. Since there is lack of electricity on this beach, you won’t find tourists staying here for long. This beach is the third stop on the beach trek in Gokarna.

beaches in karnataka

Panambur Beach – Mangalore

At a distance of 11km from the city comes one of the most visited beaches in Mangalore. Along with the camel ride, the Kite Festival held herein April is also a primary attraction. A visit to this beach is incomplete without water sports and a breathtaking view of the sunset.

karnataka beaches

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Someshwara Beach – Mangalore

At a distance of 10 Kms from Mangalore Railway Station, Someshwara Beach located near Ullal Railway Station is a well-known beach near Mangalore. This beach is famous for clean & white sands. You can witness breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea here. Someshwara beach is an ideal spot for nature lovers.

beaches in karnataka

Paradise Beach – Gokarna

This beach lives up to its name in every aspect – the trees, the birds, the ambiance. It acts as a perfect resting spot for the weary trekkers and for tourists. Since this beach is cut off from the town area, the only ways in and out are through the trek or by boat. This beach completes the trek of the four most picturesque beaches in Gokarna.


Majali Beach – Karwar

Majali Beach is located at Majali Village, a small coastal town which lies on the northern tip of coastal Karnataka and just a few kilometers South of Goa. This 4.5 km long beach is situated towards the north of Devbagh beach. Majali Beach is a renowned attraction in Karwar and is known for its sea facing cottages and resorts.

beaches in karnataka

Malpe Beach – Udupi

At a distance of 10 Kms from Udupi Railway Station, Malpe Beach spreads between the Swarna Nandi River and Maple Port. It is one of the finest beaches in Karnataka. The endless stretch of palm trees, the clear blue sky and the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea set the perfect mood for an unforgettable holiday. Malpe Beach is characterized by a silver-white sand beach and rocky islands. It is a great place for boating and swimming.

karnataka beaches

Tannirbhavi Beach – Mangalore

If you prefer less crowded beaches, Tannirbhavi Beach is your place to go to. With not so many visitors, this beach gives you the space you need to relax and to enjoy the best time ever. The water here is so clear that you’ll be tempted to take a bath – and you should! The best way to reach this place is via a ferry ride from Sultan Battery.

beaches in karnataka

Kaup Beach – Udupi

At a distance of 16 Kms from Udupi Railway Station, Kaup Beach is a beautiful beach situated close to NH 17 between Udupi and Mangalore. The lighthouse is a beautiful sight to watch because it is situated on a hill at the northern end of the beach. The 100 feet high lighthouse was built by the British and is now a photographer’s paradise. Kaup beach is covered by palm groves all the sides.

beaches in karnataka

Ullal Beach – Mangalore

At a distance of 10 Kms from Mangalore Railway Station, Ullal Beach is located to the south of the Nethravati River on the shores of Arabian Sea. Ullal Beach is one of the most visited places because of serene and calm beaches in Karnataka. This beach offers breathtaking views of the sunset, especially when viewed through the casuarina groves. Sunbathing and swimming are the two common activities on the beach because of friendly waves. There are several water sports available at Ullal Beach.

beaches in karnataka

Maravanthe Beach – Murudeshwar

At a distance of 48 Kms from Murudeshwar, Maravanthe is the place separated by the Arabian Sea on one side and Souparnika River on the other. The Maravanthe Beach is a beautiful sight on the NH17 towards Udupi. This is a picturesque beach because of a magnificent backdrop of the Kodachadri Hills. The beach is also well lit at night and the street lights reflect in the waters, making an attractive display for travelers and passers-by.

beaches in karnataka

Sasihitlu Beach – Mangalore

One of the hidden gems of Mangalore, this beach is located 23 km away from the city railway station. This beach is popular among travelers primarily due to its 2 km long coastline. Another reason to visit this beach is it’s proximity to an island called Munda, which has the Shambhave and Nandini Rivers on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side.

beaches in karnataka

St. Mary’s Island – Udupi

St. Mary’s Island is a group of small, yet beautiful islands to the north of Malpe Beach near Udupi. It is said that Vasco da Gama first reached this Island before reaching the Kappad Beach (near Calicut) while looking for a sea route to India. This island has two beautiful beaches. While the eastern beach boasts of untouched sands, the western beach is entirely made of seashells. This pristine island is a very picturesque place with an unforgettable vibe to it.

beaches in karnataka

Surathkal Beach – Surathkal

Located 19 km from Mangalore, this beach is one of the cleanest you will ever visit. You better reach here before the evening time, if you wish to enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset. This is when the beach gets crowded and you can enjoy as much as you like. The historical Sadashiva Temple and the lighthouse nearby call for more reasons because it marks this place on your adventure map!

beaches in karnataka

Better start planning for an unforgettable vacation because to end this year with a good sign, Bengaluru! You can always thank us later.

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