Move Over Food Trucks. BBQ Food Bike is Here in Bengaluru To Steal Your Thunder

Everyone likes a good barbeque. Everyone finds the Royal Enfield to be a timeless beauty that evokes feelings of awe whenever you see someone ride the classic. Mix those two together and you get India’s first BBQ Food Bike.

Move over food trucks, the food bikes are here to steal your thunder. Two young brothers – Arun of 22 years and Krishna Varma who is 21 came up with this idea while their food truck business faced issues such as parking and lack of space. The modified Royal Enfields have helped grabbed eyeballs too while solving their parking and space issues.


Amazing Makeover

The modified Royal Enfield packs a grill, utensils, ingredients, gas and everything else needed to cook the barbeque delights in the compact space. The altered side-car uses the space optimally and looks swanky too. It takes only about ten minutes to set up the grill and get the barbeques cooking which helps portability and quick transportation from one place to another. The black bikes have numerous inscriptions which are witty and funky. Some of them being, “We grill while you chill” and “CEO by day, grill master by night”.

bbq food bike

The Menu

The food bikes though small pack an amazingly diverse menu with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as grilled pineapples, capsicum, baby corn mushrooms, and even prawn sticks, barbeque burgers and slow cooked lamb. To wash it down, you can have mojitos as well. The brothers are also reportedly considering nitrogen dipped cookies. Their tasty and well-cooked dishes seem like something out of a good restaurant rather than a food bike. The bikes and the aroma from the grilled meats and veggies spread throughout the street and draw huge crowds every day. Their selling point is their good food and they have managed to get it across to customers.

Locations and Services

The bikes are presently largely located in Bengaluru with a healthy number also being present in other cities such as Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Pune, and Delhi. The bikes usually fire up their grills at the corners of busy streets where grown-ups and students alike love munching on the budget-friendly street food. Their website has a live tracker which shows the location of their food bikes. The food bikes are also available for hire for those looking to add more variety and spice to their party or get together menus.


bbq food bike

Future Plans

Having started off in Bengaluru with just a few bikes, the BBQ Bikes have made it across India with franchise deals being negotiated. The bike chain also has a loyal fan following for their delicious foods. Their future plans include trying to fabricate over 150 such bikes within a span of fewer than six months and make India’s first food bike chain company a great success. We wish the brothers the best of luck in all their endeavors and hope they make it big.

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