BBMP Staff Cleared Lakhs Of Slippers After Appu Fans Went Barefoot To Pay Their Last Rites

The untimely demise of Kannada superstar Puneeth Rajkumar was a huge shock for his fans and lakhs of people had gathered to pay last respects to the legend. Around five lakh fans from across Karnataka, some raising slogans that ‘Raajakumara’ would live in their hearts forever, some wailing and some holding back tears, joined a slew of celebrities and actors from neighbouring states to bid adieu to Puneeth Rajkumar. His mortal remains were kept at Kanteerava Stadium and a huge number of fans came flooding into the spot. Owing to this fact lakhs of chappals and slippers were deserted on the roads by his fans who went to see Puneeth without wearing their sandals as he was considered as a human God across the state.

Fans Thronged At The Stadium With Lakhs Of Slippers Deserted

Thousands of fans were flocked to the stadium to catch a final glimpse of the ‘Power Star’ as the final rites were expected to be conducted on that day. With the government postponing the funeral, many more made it to the stadium to pay their tributes to the 46-year-old actor who passed away after a massive cardiac arrest.


Post the ceremonial rituals and respects as the gathering dispersed, lakhs and tons of chappals were deserted in the stadium which was cleared by the BBMP. Puneeth’s fans went barefoot to pay last respects to the legend as he was not less than any human god in the country. Well, this shows how beloved he was to his fans and his achievements over the years and contribution towards the society was something priceless.

Police said the throng of fans in the stadium remained all day, while a few hundreds more thronged Kanteerava Studio. Police commissioner Kamal Pant said: “Our officers estimated around 5 lakh people arrived that day. Many more people kept pouring in even after that. There were bigger crowds by night and up to morning.” Despite the huge numbers, no untoward incident was reported though fans had to brave a brief spell of rain that day.  Indeed, he was a legend in himself and shall continue to remain in our hearts as our beloved ” Appu “.