8 Romantic Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Should Definitely Take A Look At

bathroom lighting ideas

Coming home after a long day, many people find their bathrooms a relaxing place. Aside from the relaxation and comfort, they can also be one of the most romantic rooms you can have in your home.

Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom to make it more appealing? If so, you need to know you have to consider a lot of factors. One essential element that needs your attention is the room’s lighting.

To help you decide, here are the top 7 romantic bathroom lighting ideas we have listed below:

1. Crystal Chandelier

A chandelier is no longer new to everyone as this is one of the most used lightings for a home. There is something appealing about them that gives off a romantic vibe in a luxurious bathroom. Since we are talking about its charm and glamor, you can choose from the wide range of traditional and modern chandelier designs.

You have to remember that when choosing a chandelier, you must purchase the ones that best match the size of the whole room. Additionally, be mindful of the light it offers. Get the ones that are not glary or you can add a dimmer to your chandelier to control the light output. It will surely highlight the center stage of your romantic bathroom.

bathroom lighting ideas

2. Dimming Lights

Dimming lights are mostly used in a bedroom but it can also create a romantic vibe to your bathroom.

You can control how dim you want your lights to be. This is one of the best features of dimming lights. You can change the brightness of the whole bathroom with the use of remote control. If you’re thinking about getting them, make sure you know the best place to buy dimmable LED strip lights. Surely, nothing screams romantic lighting quite like dimming lights.

bathroom lighting ideas

3. Floral LED Lights

Adding floral LED lights is also a unique and romantic way to decorate your bathroom. You can customize the flower arrangements the way you want them.

We recommend you to choose floral LED lights with a vase that has bendable light strands. This way, you can adjust your preferred location of the lights. This type of romantic bathroom lighting idea is ideal for women for their floral designs.

bathroom lighting ideas

4. Mirror Lights

The vanity mirror is another essential component of the bathroom. Adding mirror lights will add a more dramatic effect on the entire room, making it more romantic.

bathroom lighting ideas

5. Low Hanging Lamps

Low hanging lamps are one of the most interesting romantic bathroom lights you can use. These type of lamps are attached to the ceiling which provides more lighting. They are really effective as they can brighten up the whole room.

They usually function through the use of a pull cord, making it beautiful for a small bathroom that won’t get your way, unlike other lights. You just have to take into consideration the height of the lamp, whether you want it low or high.

bathroom lighting ideas

6. Pulp Design

Pulp design is a plain appearance of lighting used in almost any part of your home. It depends if you want to place it near a bathtub or above the cabinet. Just remember that this type of lights is intended to be placed in the middle.

It can emphasize every detail of your bathroom, utilizing the lights to keep the romantic vibe you want to achieve.

bathroom lighting ideas


7. Candle Lights

Candle lights are a combination of candles and LED lights. You can often see them in movies, used as one of the things to set up when having a romantic date. Candle lights are absolutely meant for romance giving a vibe that makes you feel the calmness you wish to achieve.

Additionally, the simplicity of the lights adds more grace as to how you badly want to romanticize the ambiance of the room.

bathroom lighting ideas

8. Vanity Lightings

Vanity lightings will set the soft mood of your morning and evening rituals. They will illuminate the whole bathroom in many ways you can imagine. They can even create a relaxed and romantic ambiance for their old school vibe of lights.

The best examples of vanity lightings are incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting. Through the use of modern technology, you can now control vanity lightings using a dimmer remote. You can finally control their intensity to achieve the romantic ambiance of your choice.

bathroom lighting ideas


After reading all the romantic bathroom lighting ideas, you can now start transforming your plain bathroom. We are 100% sure that you can never go wrong once you start the transformation. Choose an idea and stick to it. In no time, you’ll achieve the bathroom that will take your breath away!




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