This Video will Teach You The Basic Kannada Like Never Before And It Is All Fun

basic kannada

Namaskara! Oh, that’s a Kannada word. Yes, we are here to teach you the Basic Kannada in our own way. Let us get into basics and know few words which are often used in the daily run. Learning a local language will always help you to get the things done without any hassle. Also, the native language gets you closer to the people living around. For an instance when you are dealing with a cab driver or a Bus conductor or with your neighbor, the local dialect opens the door of possibility to you without even you noticing it.

If you are a Non-Kannadiga living in Bengaluru then this video will help you learn the Basic Kannada with funny anecdotes and relatable images. Check it out.


Interesting Things About Karnataka and Kannada Language

Kannada with the pride of being one of the oldest languages of the world has numerous interesting things in its womb. The state language of Karnataka and the heart language of Kannadigas is well-known for its heritage from the time of Ranna and Pampa. From Kuvempu to Kambar, from Dr.Rajkumar to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, from Gubbi Veeranna to Shankar Nag, we have seen the eminent personalities who have put Karnataka on the global map. You might have read or heard so many things about Karnataka and Kannada but still, the language is so affluent that there are some stories left unsaid and unread.

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