Based on T.P Kailasam’s Play, Mookavismitha Promises A Right Mix Of Retro And Metro Scenes


Here is some good news to all the T.P Kailasam fans out there. The very talented director Gurudutt Sreekanth is up with an exciting suspense thriller ‘Mookavismitha’ based on T.P Kailasam’s one of the outstanding plays. This is an absolutely new venture in the history of Kannada cinemas which is a mix of retro and metro scenes which has already caught the attention of the suspense lovers.

Mesmerizing Mookavismitha!

Mookavismitha – its trailer and the very first glimpse confirms it to be a unique genre of movies only intensifying the wait for its release. Starring fresh new faces, packed with suspense and a timeless storyline, Mookavismitha is more than just a film. It is a result of the director’s creative vision to bring forth the essence of the playwright of the epic T.P. Kailasam’s work and entertain the audience with an engaging plot. All that the director had to say was that the movie though does not include a popular star cast, Kailasam itself is the star of this movie, which is indeed true!.


Struggle Inside Out!

The movie just in its trailer, in the beginning, probably conveyed an eternal truth which says ‘A struggle Inside v/s Struggle Outside’. Woah! What a heavy line that was! It looks like the story is all about the intense struggle with the hero’s own untamable distortions in his mind and the conservative religious society he would have to juggle with. The scene of a typical Brahmin family coming up every now and then stands out. Also, the family’s age-old mindset like grief over a female child’s birth is the highlight.

You can also find scenes like their son opposing their family traditions which he finds meaningless which in turn leads to him parting ways etc. Now all this looks like the movie has some relevant messages to render to the so-called ‘religious’ narrow-minded society. And finally, scenes of the hero going insane with the here and their scenes of dacoits, and glimpses of his probable love life is all simply accelerating the inquisitive in us.

Old world new charm!

By bringing 1920’s old legend being blended with the modern times, Gurudutt has tried his best to put out an exciting suspense thriller. With the director stating that answers to all the twisted suspense aspects would be fetched at the end of the cinema. And by the way, on a lighter note, the cinema team has brought about all the more suspense by not revealing the name of Kailasam’s play which they have adopted. Well, based on certain characters seen in the trailer and their tag line ‘Tollu nirikshe, Gatti cinema’, it’s been said that it might be Kailasam’s ‘TolluGatti’ drama.


I am sure all the suspense thrillers out there are eagerly waiting for the release and this wonderful trailer should simply take the blame of increasing all our quisitivity towards the release of Mookavismitha to the fullest.



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