Barkha Dutt Trolled: She Thanked Netizen For Appreciating Her Interview with Capt. Vikram Batra, Gets A Rude Shock

Barkha Dutt with Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra biopic “Shershah”  caught a lot of media attention and applause from all around the country. Countrymen are congratulating and reminiscing the bravehearts who sacrificed their precious life for the country.On this context an incident happened with a famous journalist Barkha Dutt;who was one of the controversial figures during the coverage of Kargil war.She had a yikes moment after her twitter comment backlashed and proved to be an embarrassment.

Barkha Dutt’s misjudged the tweet and got trolled

This movie once again brought under the spotlight the controversial role of journalist Barkha Dutt during the Kargil war as social media users highlighted her role in aiding the enemy forces with her questionable coverage of the war.


One of Twitter users posted a tweet stating that the movie Shershah should have included the part of Barkha Dutt.In the meanwhile Barkha thought that it was an appreciation for her work and she responded by thanking the netizen captioning Batra’s winning slogan “Yeh dil maange more”.But her tweet backfired and the user clarified that she was actually asking to include Dutt’s controversial incident and not as a good figure!


Barkha surprised with this tweet


What Was Dutt’s Controversial Role During Kargil War

In a book titled “Kargil: Turning the Tide”, author Lt Gen Mohinder Puri provided an account about Barkha Dutt’s irresponsible journalism. In his book, Puri narrated an incident when the Army was alarmed after Barkha was seen live telecasting a military operation that was supposed to be carried out in complete secrecy.

Her reporting was threatening to hurt the secrecy of the operations and it was alleged that her actions aided the enemy Pakistani forces to receive the locations of Indian posts and helped the enemies to contain the Indian Army to some extent.



Barkha Dutt with Vikram Batra

Barkha Dutt During 26/11 Attacks

Similarly, almost a decade after the Kargil war, Barkha Dutt once again came into the crosshairs for her irresponsible journalism during the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks.

Dutt was asked about allegations that the latter called up someone whose relative was held hostage who inadvertently ended up disclosing the location which was used by the terrorists after it was telecast on TV. Barkha denied the allegations by saying that she wasn’t the one who reported it.