Bangalore Traffic Trends On Twitter: You Know, We All Are Stuck in The Same Boat

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There is a ‘saying’ that if you can drive away easily in Bengaluru Traffic then you can survive any roads in the country. People in the city are economical when it comes to fitting themselves into any damn space, everyone here takes a right turn from the extreme left side of the road with no indicator or the wrong indicator. We pay road tax and hence we stop anywhere on the road, irrespective of all the obstruction we cause. One small new ditch on the road is enough to jam traffic for kilometers long. This is a story that might never have a proper solution at any time soon. Unfortunately, it’s not the government but ‘us’.

Bengaluru and Traffic

Previously the Bengaluru Traffic Police have identified some of the worst traffic hot spots in the city which include Tin Factory, Hoodi Main Road, Silk Board, Hebbal Circle, and Kengeri Bus Stand. Commuters have been demanding flyovers for decades so that they skip the traffic congestion. But, traffic jams don’t cease even when the flyover becomes operational. Although, it is the flyovers and Metro lines that cause more trouble in traffic congestion. No matter which government takes charge the troubled story of traffic will never end any time soon.


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We being a victim of traffic congestion still avoid using public transport for our own selfish comforts. Despite having city buses and Metros we stick with our own private vehicles to reach our destination. A citizen of the city wrote on Twitter, “And not surprisingly everyone is blaming others, traffic police, and infrastructure. Agreed. But ask ourselves a few questions. When was the last time you used public transport? We sit alone in 6-7 seaters alone and we blame every other person on the earth.”

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