Banaras Film Review: Love Story Set Within A ‘Time Loop’ In Kashi

Kannada Film Industry is on a winning spree, and there is a fresh addition to the inventory of content-driven films by Sandalwood. Banaras, directed by Jayathirtha, hit the screens on November 4th. Introducing Zaid Khan and co-starring the likes of Sonal Monteiro, Devaraj, and Achyuth Kumar, the film left everyone ingrained with an intriguing trailer and brilliant songs. Here is the review of the film:

An interesting premise to start with

Jayathirtha is known for prioritizing content in his films over anything else. Despite having to launch a star kid from a family with a political background, the director has adhered to his vision. The film begins with the love story of the lead pair that reaches Banaras. There is already a lot of chasm in the relationship and it gets a flavorful bend with the time travel ideas. The texture of the proceedings is spotlighted by the ‘Banaras’ backdrop and the thoughtful production values. Jayathirtha has the ritual of carefully but knowingly knitting a message into the tale. He has done that here, as well. Overall, the director has done a fine job with his vision and the story.


Technical departments at their best

Zaid, on his debut, is impressive. Credit to him for picking an off-beat subject for his first outing. For a first-time actor, Zaid has done a tremendous job. On further sharpening his craft, he is set for a promising career. Sonal is fit for the role and does a commendable job. The veterans, as usual, leave a mark.

Banaras scores good marks on its technical front. Advaitha Gurumurthy’s camerawork is a pleasure to watch while B Ajaneesh Loknath’s compositions add so much weight to the on-screen happenings. The film could have been quicker by a few minutes but nonetheless, Banaras is a worthy watch at the theatres.

Here’s the trailer: