Always Immersed in Water, This Badavi Linga Is One Of The Popular Attractions Of Hampi

badavi linga

The Badavi linga Temple is a wonderful temple in Hampi dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located near the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple. The Shiva Lingam here is located in the midst of the temple surrounded by water on all sides. Let’s know more about this divine shrine of Shiva which is said to be extremely religious and holy.

Holy Shiva Shrine

Badavi linga Temple is the pride of Hampi. It is the largest monolithic Linga present in the town. The monolithic Shiva Linga is 3 m in height. The sanctum has no ceiling and the Linga is constantly immersed in a water bed since a canal from the river passes through the temple. Water oozes out constantly from the foot level and always three feet deep. So the Lingam is half drowned in water and half above the water level.


Badavi Linga

The name Badavilinga is a combination of two words – Badava and Linga. In the local language, Badva means poor and Linga represents Shiva. Legend has it said that the Shiva Linga placed inside the temple was commissioned by a poverty-stricken peasant woman. Hence the temple came to be known as Badavilinga Temple.

badavi linga

How is the Linga?

The beautiful Linga is made of black stone. The Shiva Linga has a large pedestal that is circular in shape. It is called the ‘yone pitha’ of the Shiva Linga. This circular pedestal draws into an outlet, also known as ‘pranala’. The pedestal of the Shiva Linga stands on a bed of water. This is due to the fact that the shrine always remains filled with water as a self-emerged water channel flows through it constantly throughout the year.

Shiva, The Controller of Ganga

The base of the Shiva Lingam is submerged in water which depicts the arrival of the holy river Ganges on earth and its flow as controlled by Lord Shiva. Hence the sacred place also owns the true existence of Goddess Ganga ‘the absolute purity’ cleansing the devotee’s mind and soul and freeing them from all their sins. Lord Shiva took the responsibility of taking the impact of the ferocious flow of the Ganges on him. And allowing Ganga flow through his hair first and then peacefully reach the beings on earth as the holy river, as per mythology.


badavi linga

Significance of Badavilinga

The Lingam holds extreme religious significance. There is an age-old tradition of tossing a coin or offering it to Lord Shiva towards the Lingam thinking about your desires to be fulfilled in the mind. If the coin lands over the Lingam then your desires are said to be fulfilled. This is indeed a marvelous blessing of Lord Shiva himself. You could find various devotees in a queue to perform this beautiful and blissful tradition which indeed throws some light onto your future.

And also since the Lingam was enforced by a poor woman to relieve her from poverty, darshan of this Linga is said to free one from poverty and Lord Shiva’s blessings would subject one to wealth, riches and prosperity when offered your prayers to the Lord with soulful love devotion and dedication.

Three – Eyed Lingam

The specialty of this Shiva Linga is that the Lingam is trinity possessing three eyes which can be observed. When observed the Linga carefully you could certainly notice the three eyes carved on it. These depict the eyes of Lord Shiva. Darshan of such a holy Linga is said to be considered extremely holy and sacred. It is believed that this temple exists from the period of the Vijayanagara Empire.


badavi linga

Linga receives natural sunlight

The huge Shiva Linga of the Badavilinga Temple is situated inside a small stone chamber. There is a single opening in front of the chamber through which devotees can get in. An interesting thing to note about the design of the stone chamber is that it has no ceiling. During the day time, sunlight enters through the opening in the ceiling and floods the Shiva Linga with light.

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Truly Holy!

The Badavilinga Temple proves its sanctity and extreme protection by Lord Shiva himself clearly. As the shrine in spite of destruction, that befell Hampi several centuries ago escaped all devastations. The amazing fact is that though many holy sculptures were razed out this Shiva Linga stands intact even today. The inner walls of the shrine, surrounding the Shiva Linga, have also escaped any severe damage.


badavi linga

Next time you are at Hampi the ‘Badavalinga Temple’ is a must visit. With the holy, 3 eyed Lingam’s darshan, you would certainly be subjected to Lord Shiva’s complete blessings and obtain wealth and prosperity.


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