Bad Manners First Look: Abhishek Ambareesh Announces His Second Movie; Duniya Suri To Direct The Film

Son of yesteryear actor and politician Ambareesh, Abhishek Ambareesh has announced his second movie. Popular director Suri will wield the megaphone for this movie, which has been titled as ‘Bad Manners’.

On the occasion of Ambareesh’s birthday on May 29th, the makers are planning to release the motion-poster of the movie.


‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’ Team to Re-Unite

The team that had worked on the movie ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’ will re-unite for this movie. While Studio 18 fame KM Sudhir will produce this project, happening music-composer Charan Raj will also work for this movie. Shekhar will handle the camera and Deepu S Kumar will be the editor. The movie will be based on the story written by Surendranath.

Hopes on Abhishek Ambarish Sky-High

Son of an actor who enjoyed a cult following in the state, expectations are sky-high from Abhishek Ambareesh’s film career. In his first movie ‘Amar’, although Abhishek’s performance was decent, the movie failed at the box-office due to an incoherent story line.

However, with Suri having committed himself to direct Abhishek’s second project, we can expect the rise of a new star in Sandalwood. Suri is a proven customer who does not fail in carving out realistic cinema set around interesting situations. Suri is also in good form, and this will excite the fans of Ambareesh. In fact, Suri had directed Ambareesh in the film ‘Doddamane Huduga’ a few years ago.


Sandalwood is in desperate need for a young actor who can pull crowds and improve the market of the industry. With an enormous fan-following already in place, Abhishek Ambareesh is expected to do this in the coming years.