Ayodhya Verdict: Everything You Need To Know About The Landmark Decision By the SC

ayodhya verdict

On Saturday, SC of India announced their unanimous decision on the conflict of Ayodhya and brought an end to a religious conflict that plagued the country and more specifically it’s communal harmony.

In the historic judgment, the SC read out the facts of the case which helped them reach a decision that looks to resolve years of dispute, hatred, and conflict.

The verdict at the end of the day is that the disputed land in Ayodhya goes to the Hindus and an alternate land will be presented to the Masjid side.

ayodhya verdict

One of the first observations that the 5 judges took was that Ramjanmabhumi could not be treated as a juristic person but Ram Lalla was declared a juristic person so all decisions could be based on that.

The Supreme Court also declared that the findings by ASI could not be disputed and were upheld in a court of law. Having done that, evidence was clearly in favor of the Hindu side. This is because the findings said that the mosque was not made on an empty land but on a Hindu structure.

The SC also declared that the decision taken by Allahabad High Court to split the land into three halves was wrong and cannot be upheld anymore.

The court also maintained that the Sunni Waqf board failed to make any move on the adverse possession stance over the mosque as the site remained a matter of contention between many stakeholders.

According to historical evidence, travelogues and scripts, the extensive evidence of Hindu presence was found on the site.

The verdict presented to the public and the stakeholders is that the disputed land will go the mandir side and an alternate land will be presented to the Masjid side of the party.

The land will be acquired by a trust and a framework will be created for smoother operation; the construction of the mosque on an alternate land will be done by the Centre.



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