10 Awesome Kannada Short Films You Should Not Miss At Any Cost

Kannada Short Films

From the past few years, because the camera is easily available, there has been an upsurge of short films in the country. Some of the filmmakers currently working are from the era where they first made a short film and with that, they got their first break.

In this piece, we look at the 10 Kannada short films which you shouldn’t miss at any cost.


A Terrence Mallick style of filmmaking which is beautifully done through Kannada poetry and the visuals of the streets of Bengaluru. The film speaks about the city and comments on how each one of us is looking for a home despite having a shelter. Three main characters, “The Protagonist”, “The City” and “The Homeless man”. The Cinematography does what is just required. Written and Directed by Akarsha Kamala, the short film is on YouTube.

Kannada Short Films

Jayanagar 4th Block

A short film featuring Dhananjay of Tagaru fame, Jayanagar 4th Block revolves around an old man, a florist and an aspiring actor who often meet at Jayanagar 4th block. Each of them has a thing they are craving for in their lives and the short films show how their relationship grows from total strangers to something special and in the end, each of them finds that happiness which was once missing. Written by Dhananjay himself, the short is directed by Rama Rama Re director, Satya Prakash.

Kannada Short Films


A personal favorite, Kurli is one such short film which brings in a new kind of narrative and filmmaking into the Kannada film or short film community. Directed by Natesh Hegde, Kurli is about a boy who is accused of stealing bananas from the farm of a man whose class and stature is higher than the boy. The use of dialogue is a very important tool in the film. The acting is quite natural. There are a lot of hidden themes in the short. Currently, in the festival circuits, Kurli is one short which everyone should be waiting.

Kannada Short Films


Vidhama Studios’ Patinga has to be one of the most technically sound short films in Kannada. A Pizza delivery boy whose favorite pass time is to take part in bike racing finds himself in an unusual situation one day while delivering a Pizza within the stipulated 30 minutes. The background score and the concept of the film keep you hooked. The acting seems to be good by Poornachandra Mysuru. The short is directed by Shashank Soghal.

Kannada Short Films


The age 23 is a strange one. For most, it is the most confusing one. Your career, your personal life and for most, your destiny depends on the decisions you take at that age. The short Ippathmuru, through a boy of 23-year old who wants to pursue Cinema, describes this confusion pretty well. The visuals are done professionally and the background score elevates the story. The short is directed by Manue Anuram and is streaming on YouTube.

Kannada Short Films

Foreign Returned

We are still living in an era where everyone wants to go abroad for work and studies which in turn would guarantee them a financially stable life and socially reputed one too. Foreign Returned by Puneeth BA excellently comments about this syndrome in a comical yet impactful way. The film is streaming on YouTube.

Kannada Short Films


Awarded as the Best Short Film at SIIMA awards, this short film produced by Neenasam Satish speaks about trust and the journey of people who are victims of the situation. It captures its theme aptly and put forth an explanation as to how one neglects certain aspects of his life and how it comes back to haunt him. The film features a few stunning actors like Achyuth Kumar and Sharath Lohitashwa. Shot by Advaith Gurumurthy, the film is directed by Raghu Shivamogga.

Kannada Short Films

Panmandri Cross

Another SIIMA awardee, Panmandri cross is a suspenseful short with a story spanning over one night. Pruthvi, a young boy, is driving on a highway where he encounters Abhiksha who requests him to drop her to a village nearby. On the way, she tells him the haunted stories of Panmandri cross and what happens next is the crux of the film. Directed by Arjun Kumar S, the film is streaming on YouTube.

Kannada Short Films

Bharat Mata Ki Jai

A 5-minute short film which probably is the only political film in the list, about two suicide bombers who are about to perform their designated task. Shot on a single location inside one car, Bharat Mata Ki Jai delivers an impact towards the end. Produced by Raker Media Labs, the short is now streaming on YouTube.

Kannada Short Films


A young lustful boy comes across a middle-aged woman at a café. Their paths cross a few times and their eyes meet often. Neecha is comical with its dialogues and inner monologue. With a decent production value, it is a short you can sit back, watch and enjoy with friends. Written and Directed by Anil HR, the film is streaming on YouTube.

Kannada Short Films

So, these were a few Kannada short films which are a must-watch. Please do let us know your favorite ones (in or out of the list) in the comments below.



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Akarsh is an Author of Love Me Like You Do, an Amazon bestseller. He has his Short film 'Unloved' nominated for Dadasaheb Phalke award and screened in Bangalore screened at Bangalore international short film festival.


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