12 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Living Away From Your Home

For some people, it’s exciting to leave home and for some, it’s a hard process. It could be your studies, your career, your love or anything that is making you shift away from your home. But there are certain things that all of us who have left our home sweet home relate to.

1. Home Food

We can crib all we want at our homes and show all the tantrums in the world when the food is concerned. When we leave our homes, it is then we start missing the food cooked by our mothers. Even the food from a five-star hotel seems nothing in front of ‘Mane Oota’.


2. Friends Are Family

When the family is away, we find friends who are there to share all the good and bad moments with us. The common things that we shared with our families are now shared with the extended family called friends.

3. Enjoying Your Company

Yes, your siblings are not around when you are watching a film or your father isn’t reading a newspaper in a corner, but you learn to be happy with your own company. And it’s a survival skill we should all know.

4. Changing Accent

We are used to speaking in a certain way which is more common to the place we are born and brought up. When we start living in a new environment, among new people, we start catching the way they speak. And before we realize, we already have a different accent.


5. Saying GoodBye!

When your family comes to visit you or you go for holidays to your hometown, the joy cannot be compared. But when you or your family members have to leave, saying goodbye becomes so difficult. You don’t know when you are going to see them next and your heart starts sinking.


6. Appearances

Because you don’t see your family on daily basis, you feel strange when you see them after a long time. It can be your sibling’s hairstyle or your mother’s short hair. Time can do the tricks.

7. Did Anyone Say, Relatives?

We almost forget what talking to relatives or being with relatives mean once we start living away from home. This works better for most of us because who really likes nagging relatives with forced opinions?


8. Family Functions

Marriages of cousins or anniversary of your parents, you more often are left out. No matter how badly you want to be part of it, and even if you join your family for some functions, something is always left out. It’s not always easy to take holidays or travel because of your own life schedule.

9. Festivals Without Family

A lot of us are not able to visit our homes during the main festivals of the year like Diwali or Holi or eid. This is the most difficult part of staying away from home. A festival celebrated with your family by your side has no match. But not all of us can afford that every year. And so we become used to celebrating it with our friends away from family.

away from home

10. How to Keep Your Family Up To Date

Even if we talk to our siblings or parents daily, it becomes impossible to tell them about everything that goes on with you. Something always gets missed. And when your mother asks you the reason you didn’t tell her something, you have nothing to say. You simply forgot or didn’t realize.


11. Long Voice And Video Calls

Thanks to the technology, we can at least do that to stay in touch with our family members. Long video calls and phone calls become the norm.

home sick

12. Home Is Where The Heart Is!

All of us living away from homes find ourselves questioning if living away from home is really worth it. We keep running after things but the most important thing is where our heart is. And for most of us, it is our home sweet home.