Avoid Jail Time By Hiring The Right Nashville DUI Lawyer

source: rooplawfirm

Nashville is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, home to country music and the Grand Ole Opry theatre. According to statistics, Nashville is also a city ranked with the highest drunk driving arrests.

There were over 324 people arrested under the influence of alcohol just this March, and the problem seems to be pervasive as it was in the previous years. Though the local government is addressing the issue, persons entangled with law enforcement need a Nashville DUI lawyer.


These professionals can help lessen the severity of your fines and possibly avoid jail time for your driving infractions. Mitigating possible penalties and driving restrictions can also be averted by seeking help from the right lawyer who can attend to your legal case.

A legal representation affects the outcome of your DUI case

As the local government of Nashville has been astringent with DUI cases, the need for legal representation is crucial. In more ways, it affects the possible outcome of your case and can be influential at the enforced penalties. A DUI lawyer will help minimize penalties and possibly avoid jail time under certain conditions.

This is especially true for repeat offenders who are continually standing at the outdoors of death. Nonetheless, a DUI lawyer will not only help correct behavior but avert possible driving privilege forfeiture and costly amends.


The potential for a jail sentence is not only possible for repeat offenders but even for a first- time DUI offense. The severity of this penalty becomes harsher with continuous violations.

A second DUI apprehension is considered a Class A misdemeanor with a mandatory community service of 240 hours and possible jail time of five days. Felony charges ensue after you’ve been caught past your second DUI offense.

The third DUI offense is already a Class 2 felony with a maximum penalty of not more than seven years. Having more than three DUI offenses put on your public record leads to a more severe felony charge, higher penalties, and a permanent forfeiture of your driver’s license.


A Nashville DUI lawyer can save you from jail time

A DUI conviction can be damaging both for your career and public records. The best way to avoid being convicted of a misdemeanor or felony charges is to seek help from a qualified Nashville DUI lawyer.

Since there is more to your misjudgments and behavior, an experienced DUI lawyer can help uncover those lines. The reasons behind your erratic behavior can be used as evidence to get you out of your predicament.

There are technicalities involved in DUI violation, including the timing of the tests and possible contamination of the testing kits. These can be brought up before the judge and challenged by your trusted attorney.


A plea bargain is better served with professional help

A court case is not the only option when charged with a DUI violation. You can also ask for a plea bargain where jail time is not included with your sentence. Penalty reduction is better addressed with the DUI lawyer working on your case.

It is also essential to understand that there are other options than going with the existing ruling of the judge. By getting the help of a DUI expert, you can at least be sure about the reduction of the penalties, a plea bargain, or even the dismissal of your case.