10 Unique Yet Amazing Avarekai Dishes You Got To Try This Season In Bengaluru


The Kannada Cuisine is one of the oldest surviving cuisines. The varieties of the Karnataka cuisine has influenced the neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Maharashtra. The cuisine also reflects influences from the food habits of many regions and communities from the three neighboring South Indian states, as well as the state of Maharashtra to its north. Karnataka’s love for avarekai has been timeless and well known. Avarekai, which is enjoyed in various forms in saaru, palya, kurma, akki roti, and upma is Bengaluru’s favorite ingredient. We at MetroSaga bring to you ten yummy avarekai dishes you can definitely look forward to, in December.

Various Avarekai dishes

Avarekai Saaru

Winter is the month where we enjoy our saaru most, for in winter, all things warm taste even better! What could be a better way to enjoy a steaming hot bowl of saaru than with our beloved avarekai in it? This calls for a warm welcome to December!

avarekai dishes

Avarekai Dosey

Everybody loves a plate of fresh, hot dosey, and what better way to make it healthier than with adding avarekai to the recipe? This winter, enjoy a plate of soft, steamy and buttery dose with the healthy twist of avarekai. This surely is one winter you will never regret!

avarekai dosa

Avarekai Kurma

A delicious dish to be enjoyed with either chapati or rice, kurma is one of the most loved delicacies in India. Kurma can be as relishing in its vegetarian form as it is when made from chicken or mutton. This winter, allow your love for avarekai to take over as you enjoy a healthier and tastier kurma.

avarekai dishes

Avarekai Palya

We have loved palya since childhood and this love story knows no end. From lunch at school to the lunch in your office canteen, palya in its various forms has always been our go-to dish. You have all the more reason to rejoice in this winter because it is the season for Avarekai! Avarekai palya is definitely a tasty and healthy food option which will provide you with a delicious break, no matter where you are or what you do.

avarekai food

Rava Upma with Avarekai

Rava upma, or uppittu as we know it, is a delicacy we often enjoy at social gatherings. We also love our upma hot, and this makes it all the more special during cold weather. This winter, let avarekai add magic to the Rava upma and mesmerize your taste buds, and make this season the best one ever!

avarekai dishes

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Avarekai Chitranna

Chitranna or lemon rice is an all-time favorite we often enjoy. There’s never an excuse for a plate of hot, freshly cooked lemon rice. This season, avarekai chitranna is definitely going to send your taste buds into a trance! Isn’t this the best part of the year already?

avarekai food

Avarekai Akki Roti

Akki roti has always been something to look forward to, be it when enjoying a wholesome meal or when simply looking forward to a plate of roti-sagu. The season of avarekai brings to you yet another reason to rejoice, as avarekai akki rotis will be what you’re going to enjoy most.

avarekai food

Avarekai Vade

Dipping vade’s into sambar and/or chutney before we relish it has always been a treat to the senses. This winter we get to enjoy the best of yet another variety or vades – the avarekai vada! Be it all by itself or accompanied by a plate of idlis, avarekai vades are bound to be the crunchiest talk of the town this winter!

avarekai dishes

Avarekai Mixture

What could be a better way to enjoy a cup of tea than with a light snack? Mixtures of various varieties are loved all over the country, and Bengaluru is privileged to have the avarekai mixture to enjoy! The taste of dry avarekai along with the crunchy and spicy excitement is sure to tingle your taste buds this winter. What’s more, this mixture is easy to make and easily available too!

avarekai dishes

Avarekai Jalebi

Jalebis! This forever round and fascinating sweet is something we have never been able to get enough of. The sweetness accompanied with the perfect crunch is divine, as each bite takes you back to childhood. Avarekai jalebis add to the taste and the heavenly trance this delicacy can send you on.

avarekai food

Brace yourselves for the best winter ever. Get munching, Bengaluru!

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