‘Athmanirbhar Bharath’ – Idea Of Modi Or Rajiv Gandhi? Tweets From Congress Says It’s Former PM

The word ‘Atmanirbhar’ or self-reliant has been heard often in recent days. However, there is a discussion in place as to who first started to use the word with reference to India.

PM Modi introduces the term in his message

A few days ago, PM Modi arrived in front of the citizens, and delivered a 33 minute-long message on the steps he and his government are taking to get India back on track with regards to the Coronavirus issue.


Multiple times in his message, Mr. Modi used the word ‘Atmanirbhar’ and also announced that the massive package of Rs 20 Lakh crores would be aimed at India becoming a self-reliant country.

Rajiv Gandhi had used the term in 1985

In 1985, to the US Congress, Rajiv Gandhi had said: “India is an Old country but a young nation…I am young and I too have a dream, I dream of India Strong, Independent, Self-Reliant and in the front rank of the nations of the world, in the service of mankind.

On the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi’s 29th death anniversary, a few Congress leaders, through their tributes, reminded that Rajiv Gandhi had also used the word ‘self-reliant’ long ago. Here are a few tweets that are in discussion:


The Hindi tweet of Rahul Gandhi translates to “I am proud to be the son of a true patriot, liberal and philanthropic father. As prime minister, Rajiv ji put the country on the path of progress. With his farsightedness, he took steps to make the country self-reliant. Today on his death anniversary I salute him with affection and gratitude.”

Well, at this point in time, more than the discussion, it is important that India does walk on a path towards self-reliance in the coming years.