Ashok Gehlot Speaks On His Experience In Politics And How The New Generation Should Understand It

A day after saying that rebel leader Sachin Pilot is playing into the hands of the BJP, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday said speaking good English, giving good bytes and being handsome isn’t everything in politics.

Speaking good English, giving good bytes and being handsome isn’t everything. What is inside your heart for the country, your ideology, policies, and commitment, everything is considered,” Gehlot said, taking a dig at Pilot’s revolt against him in the state.



Saying that he loves the new generation, he said the future of the country will be in their hands. Also Read – Rajasthan Crisis: Resignations Hit State Congress After Pilot Sacked as Deputy CM, PCC Chief.

“I have been in politics for 40 years, we love the new generation, the future will be theirs. This new generation, they have become central ministers, state presidents if they had gone through what we did in our time, they would have understood,” he added.

Again alleging that the BJP is behind the whole crisis in the state, Gehlot said he has the proof for the same.


“The horse-trading was being done in Jaipur, we have the proof. We had to keep people at a hotel for 10 days if we had not done that, the same thing that is happening in Manesar now would have happened back then,” Gehlot further added.

On Tuesday, Gehlot accused rebel leader Sachin Pilot of playing into the hands of the BJP. The chief minister said Pilot and other ministers, as well as MLAs, were given ample opportunities but they did not attend the Congress Legislature Party meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

“There is nothing in the hands of Sachin Pilot. He is playing into the hands of the BJP which is making all arrangements,” he said, adding, “I am very sad that horse-trading was going on. It is for the first time in the country that democracy is under such a grave threat.”


However, Sachin Pilot, earlier in the day, said he is not joining BJP. “I am not joining the BJP. I have worked very hard to bring the Congress party back in the government and defeat the BJP,” he said.

Pilot’s remarks come a day after the Congress sacked him as Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister and the party’s state unit president. Two loyalists of Pilot were also dropped from the state Cabinet.

The current crisis erupted last Friday when the Rajasthan Police sent a notice to Pilot, asking him to record his statement over the alleged bid to bring down the government.


The same notice was sent to the chief minister and some other MLAs, but Pilot’s supporters claimed that it was only meant to humiliate him.