As Veena Stores Heads For An Indefinite Closure, Here’s The Inspiring Tale Of Bengaluru’s Most Favorite Food Point

Courtesy: Faces of Bengaluru

For the ones living in the city, and for those who visit Bengaluru once in a while, a trip to Veena Stores in Malleshwaram is one thing that remains common. The soft and fluffy idlis, divine coffee, and the extraordinary service is something everyone can enjoy, day in day out.

Veena Stores has been shut down until further notice

A few days ago, Veena Stores announced that they are closing down their shutters until further notice. Speaking to Deccan Herald, the owner Pradeep said: “We have staff from Chitradurga and Tumkur, among other places, and they had family worrying about their safety working here. There was no peace of mind as all of us are constantly worrying. That’s why I decided to remain closed until things improve.”


The inspiring tale of Bengaluru’s favorite iconic eatery

Speaking about the origin of the eatery, the owner said that Veena Stores initially started out as a condiment store in 1977. As the years passed by, Veena Stores began serving idli and vada with green chutney and then gradually started expanding to shavige bath, avlakki, and serving filter coffee.

Talking to Faces of Bengaluru, he said: “I rarely get time to do all these interviews because of the number of customers we have. It is tough to keep our thoughts gathered and concentrate on our work. Due to the pandemic, we are “parcel only” hence I have some time to talk to you.

He further spoke about his idea of ‘Feed The Hungry’ and said that living off selling idlis is no different than working for any company. He also said that he had no regrets whatsoever in choosing Veena Stores as his line of profession.


He finished, saying: “I don’t know a lot of other things but I want to believe that we are serving Bengaluru’s best idli-vadas with chutney. We are Veena Stores.

Please note the above interview was taken before the lockdown

Source: Faces of Bengaluru