As Pak Struggles To Fight Coronavirus, Doctors Threaten Strike If Not Provided Protective Equipment

source: ani

As cases of Coronavirus grows up to 500 in Pakistan, Pak PM Imran Khan refuses to impose a nationwide lockdown despite increasing concern. Not just that, with no efficient medical kits, doctors in the country have threatened a total closedown.

No lockdown in Pak

There have been three COVID-19 deaths in Pakistan so far and the total number of confirmed cases has advanced up to 501, as reported on Geo News. Amongst all, Sindh is the worst-hit province with a total of 252 cases.


According to the sources, think tanks in Pakistan have suggested a complete lockdown of Pakistan, including suspension of flights because of the increase in the number of viruses. However, Khan had no such ideas for imposing a complete ban in respect of the economic slowdown.

Source: theindianexpress

“Lockdown means curfew-like situation, which will create unrest in the country and we cannot afford that. It would make poor people more vulnerable,” Khan said.

“We cannot compete with other countries of the world who are announcing economic packages,” he said. “However, we will protect our lower and labor class against the effects of the coronavirus. This package will do so.”


A lack of necessary medical equipment such as masks, test kits, and ventilators, is limiting the aim of prevention, testing and treatment of the disease in Pakistan. Doctors have threatened to go on strike until the equipment is provided.

Doctors call for strike 

According to a report published by ANI, the doctor’s association have announced on Thursday that they cannot continue working without personal protective equipment (PPE) and would close the outpatient departments (OPDs) from March 24.

Highlighting the dangers posed to the medical professionals, Dr. Asfandyar Khan said they had requested the government to arrange PPE but no one “bothered to listen” to their concerns.


source: ANI

“In the current situation, it has become impossible for us to continue working. We will stop working from March 24 if PPE would not be provided to us. We also want assurance that a special package would be announced for those staff members who contract COVID-19 while performing the duty. Though we are ready to continue our duty it will be a suicide to work without the safety equipment,” he said.

Above all, several residents of Lahore have protested that some hospitals are charging over PRK 9,000 for the coronavirus test, against the government’s claims that the tests were being carried out for free.