As Life Returns To Normalcy Post Covid, Rapes And Kidnappings Increased In Delhi, Says Police Data

The national capital of India which is recognised world wide for crimes is once again topping the list with each passing day the number of crimes and rape cases surging it’s all time high after dipping during the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown. Rapes and kidnapping of women in the national capital have increased, data shared by the Delhi Police showed.

Delhi Records The Highest Rape Cases

Delhi has recorded 1,725 rapes and 3,117 cases of kidnapping of women this year up to October 31, according to the police data. The crime against women witnessed a drop during the national lockdown last year, but it has picked up again in certain categories as normalcy returns.


While crimes against women in Delhi declined by 24.65 per cent in 2020 as compared to 2019, due to the lockdown, the national capital still topped the Union Territories (UTs) in the number of rapes reported, showed the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.


Women in Delhi protesting

Domestic Violence Almost Doubled

Apart from rape cases, one of the major crimes that women are facing is the domestic violence and that has beem prevalent once everything has returned to normalcy. Domestic violence cases saw a surge as cases of cruelty by husband and in-laws this year nearly doubled than last year.

During the covid lockdown, a total of 1,931 cases of cruelty by husband or in-laws were recorded in Delhi up to October 31. This year the number jumped to 3,742 for the same period. Cases of the kidnapping of women also doubled this year during the same period. This is definitely not a good remark for a civilised society and this shows the extent to which women are tormented even today; though we claim to live in a modern world !



Source : The freepress Journal