As BMRCL Gears Up To Demolish TTCD, More Than 10,000 People Join To Support 65 Deaf Children in Bengaluru


Around 65 special students are on the threshold of losing their home as BMRCL gears up to demolish the Technical Training Center for the Deaf (TTCD). This has been the family home for deaf children for 37 years where the kids lived happily. The building is going to be pulled down because the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has plans to build a metro station exactly on the same spot.

#MakeOurFutureSound Petition For Safe Rehabilitation

If BMRCL thinks that the construction of the metro station is so necessary for the interest of the public, it should at least promise safe rehabilitation of the 65 inhabitants of the TTCD before the start of demolition work. That is the demand of the #MakeOurFutureSound Petition.


For BMRCL, the center might look at it if it is a useless wreck, but it is home to 65 deaf kids with hearing and speech disability. These special children are originally from poor families of rural areas in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

In the absence of this home, these children may end up on the road exposing them to all sorts of crimes and criminal activities.  

TTCD Is In Depleted State

The state of TTCD is very bad with the premises lacking even basic equipment and no salaries being paid to teachers for months together. Even then, the students are putting their everything possible to make it a safe haven for themselves. The food comes from the ISKON temple and despite no salary, teachers are still doing their job of teaching because they care for these kids. 


But now with this decision of BMRCL to demolish the center, the kids will lose this little security as well. 10,000 people have already signed the #MakeOurFutureSound Petition to ensure rehabilitation of these students.

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